Item 8.9 - Attachment 4

Maps of sites proposed to be zoned SP1 Special Activities Place of Public Worship


























Map A. 203 Marsden Road, Carlingford Map B. 139-143 Kissing Point Road, Dundas

























Map C. 22 Lord Avenue, Dundas Valley Map D. 98 Evans Road, Dundas Valley

























Map E. Cnr Evans Road and Cox Crescent, Dundas Valley (PPW & EE) Map F. 2 George Street, Epping

Map G. 24 George Street, Epping Map H. 59 Carlingford Road, Epping

























Map I. 471 Kissing Point Road, Ermington Map J. 621 Victoria Road, Ermington

























Map K. 14 Hutchinson Street, Granville Map L. 17 John Street, Granville

Map M. 40 Grimwood Street, Granville Map N. 115 Blaxcell Street, Granville

Map O. 132 Excelsior Street, Guildford Map P. Cnr Woodville Road and Woodstock Road, Guildford

























Map Q. 11 & 13 Crown Street, Harris Park Map R. 40 Eleanor Street, Harris Park
























Map S. 195 Woodville Road, Merrylands Map T. 84 Kleins Road, 8 Thomas Street & 3 Hammers Road, Northmead
























Map U. 77 Hammers Road, Northmead Map V. 18-22 Barney Street, North Parramatta

























Map W. 46-48 Sorrell Street, Parramatta Map X. 46 Binalong Road, Pendle Hill
























Map Y. 198 The Trongate and 14 Hudson Street, South Granville Map Z. 283 Clyde Street, South Granville

























Map AA. 43 Evans Road, Telopea Map AB. 40-44 Buckleys Road, Winston Hills