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Attachment 2 - Local Non Profit IT Capacity Building Project


Proposal for bulk purchase of refurbished PCs to build capacity in IT infrastructure amongst Parramattas not-for-profit organisations


This proposal is provided in response to feedback received during the 2010 Community Grants assessment workshops.


Each year PCCs Community Grants program receives a number of applications from local not-for-profit organisations requesting funding to purchase computers. These are currently handled on a case-by-case basis.


It is proposed that PCC enter into an agreement with WorkVentures to supply re-furbished PCs to local not-for-profit organisations. Please see below information on WorkVentures, its Connect IT program and specifications of the PCs available.


This arrangement would allow PCC to address IT resource needs and capacity gaps amongst local not-for-profit organisations in a sustainable, equitable and proactive manner.


It is recommended that Council fund a one-off bulk purchase of PCs that would be open to all local not-for-profit organisations. An expression of interest process would be used to determine eligibility and distribution numbers but as an indication, for $12 000 around 30 PCs could be purchased and distributed to local organisations. The PCs would be distributed at an event, at which the Lord Mayor or other nominated Councillor could present the equipment. Local media would be invited to attend.


It is also recommended that in 2011 the Community Grants guidelines include specification of WorkVentures as the supplier for any PCs funded under the program.


This approach will maximise the Community Grants program resources in the future, by restricting the allowed spend on PCs whilst maintaining a quality product purchase. A more equitable access to PC infrastructure for local not-for-profits would also be achieved. This arrangement would also see PCC demonstrating leadership in local government through a social procurement purchase that supports one of Sydneys leading social enterprises.


Expression of Interest Criteria

The organisation is located or primarily seeks to benefit residents of the Parramatta Local Government Area

Applicant is a Not-For-Profit organisation

The PCs must be accessible to the whole of community

Applicant has the appropriate insurance to cover the PCs e.g. Public Liability Insurance

The organisation must be open to the general community without discrimination in accordance with the Anti-Discrimination Act

Annual turnover of the organisation will be considered


About WorkVentures

WorkVentures' aim is to reduce economic and social disadvantage by directly supporting individuals to remove the barriers overcoming their economic and personal hardships. It is a social enterprise that exists to build a just, creative and sustainable society by providing quality economic and personal development support for individuals. It does this through:

Looking for opportunities to become involved with enterprises that create direct employment for disadvantaged individuals

Engaging disadvantaged individuals and helping create pathways to employment, to break the cycle of poverty and helplessness

Working in partnership with a variety of organisations to deliver programs within groups at risk, including indigenous communities

Through its enterprises (such as IT Connect), it aims to be financially self sufficient, however key partners provide significant additional support that ensures its programs and impact can be expanded.


WorkVentures focuses on giving individuals and communities the capacity to create good lives for themselves, through new skills, access to technology and fulfilling employment. It recognises the potential of every individual and community and provides: skills training for employment, new technology centres, low-cost PCs, community-based projects for individuals, and support for self-employment.


About Connect IT

WorkVentures' Connect IT program offers quality refurbished personal computers (PCs) at affordable prices to people on Centrelink benefits or who are low income earners, schools and non-profit organisations.


The program aims to narrow the digital divide in disadvantaged and isolated communities. Since the program began in 2002, over 25,000 PCs have been distributed.


Corporations like The Westpac Group and government departments donate superseded PCs, which are refurbished at the ITeC Repair Centres into useful, high quality computers. Once refurbished, the PCs are loaded with Microsoft  software and promoted through distribution partners and supporters such as Centrelink and Housing NSW.


The computers

Workventures has offered a bulk purchase rate to PCC of $390 (including delivery) per PC for the following specifications:

Premium brand (IBM, Compaq or Dell).

Corporate standard machines that were fully maintained throughout their life.

A minimum specification of Pentium 4 processor, 3.2 GHz, 40 GB hard drive, and 500MB of RAM.

Complete systems with 15 inch LCD flat screen monitor, DVD-ROM, optical mouse and keyboard.

Internet ready with a new 56k modem.

Fully refurbished and tested.


Over time these prices are anticipated to remain fairly consistent, but as technology continues to advance the specifications available at this price will improve.


Software: All systems are preloaded with quality software including fully licensed versions of the Microsoft Windows XP Pro operating system and Microsoft Office 2003 software suite (includes Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint). Current versions of AVG Antivirus and Adobe Acrobat Reader are also included.



To help recipients get started as quickly as possible Workventures provides:

A comprehensive and user friendly Set-up and User Guide with each PC.

Free phone and email technical support during your warranty period.

Referrals (depending on your location) to PC training and/or support.



WorkVentures offer a standard six month hardware warranty. Most hardware failures occur during the first month of operation. During the warranty period, WorkVentures will bear all costs relating to hardware failure including repair and freight costs.

EOI Criteria