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On-site meeting (19th October) summary notes


Site Meeting


163-165 George Street Parramatta


DA325/2006/A – extension of trading hours


DA563/2010 – conversion of the lawn bowling greens to mini football (soccer) and multi-sports facility.


Date: Tuesday 19 October 2010


Time: 5.30pm


Chaired by Councillor McDermott


Council Officers in attendance: Michael Tully and Nicole Askew


Attendees: See attached attendance sheet


Overview of the application given.


Attendees advised of the meeting protocols.


8 people advised they would like to speak in relation to the matter.


The following was raised:


(unnamed objector)


Noise emitted from sporting events to be held. At present the noise from the Robert Thomas Reserve through the open space currently affects amenity.

Close proximity of the club to the sporting event, availability of alcohol and the resultant anti social behaviour.

Parking concerns and the availability of spaces.


(unnamed objector)


Lived here for 71 years and the area has always had a quiet atmosphere.

The locality is a family environment.

The noise will be extreme and no longer a quiet residential area.


(unnamed objector)


Impact on the visual neighbourhood of the courts and the netting.

Noise impacts on the quiet residential area.

The lawn bowls court is a nesting area for the Plovers.





(unnamed objector)


Noise levels at present they hear the noise from the Albion Hotel.

Impact of the fencing/netting.

Open area lost.

Light spill from the use of the courts in the evening.

Why has the applicant not enclosed the courts in a brick building?

This is not the Blacktown Workers Club; there is no large grounds around the building.


(unnamed objector)


Has been a resident since 1993

Concerned with the noise emanating.

The increase in trading hours and the impact on the amenity.

Anti social behaviour with the increased numbers and use of the site – alcohol related with the use of the Golden Goal and the extended hours of the club.

I ask Paynter Dixon are they proposing amplified music and bands. As the current DA prohibits it, the section 96 is silent so therefore is it proposed?


(unnamed objector)


Noise and deliveries outside trading house.

He has raised this as an issue and had his concerns published in the paper.


(unnamed objector)


Noise from the use.

Traffic intensification.

The gates to Purchase Street are not well maintained they are loud and squeak.

Aesthetics the fields and netting will disturb the outlook towards the river.


(unnamed objector)


Removal of the prohibition of the amplified noise and bands. Noise generation resulting.

Noise of people leaving due to the increased use of the club.

Light spill from the club signage and impact on lifestyle.


(unnamed objector)


Noise from the whistles

Increase in the number of people given there will be 5 a side, 4 courts and an umpire per court not to mention the spectators.

Increase in cars and car movement.

Amenity from the light spill.

Alcohol fuelled violence with the increase in the hours of the club.

Has read studies in relation to alcohol fuelled violence by Hugh McKay.





(unnamed objector)


Club control of activities – at present there is an impact re noise from AC system

Small area and intensification of the use plus increased hours.


Given Councillor McDermott could only attend the meeting for 1hrs, the residents raised concern the allotted time was insufficient for all to the heard.


The meeting consensus was all were concerned in relation to the reduction of the noise monitoring associated with the increased hours of trade.




Not the intention of the club to radically alter their business.

Increased hours to facilitate booked function times such as parties and weddings.

No major complaints to the club about trading.

(this comment was met with dissent as many of the residents outlined they had made complaints they had been directed to the Blacktown Workers Club, who were disinterested in the complaint).

They are seeking for live music to be permitted, such as a 2 or 3 piece band not rock banks. They have limited the function rooms to be away from the residents.

Noise limiter will be fitted to control the dB output.

The club is a responsible community club.

The are proposing the noise monitoring to be reduced from 1 month to 6 months as it is onerous and costly.

The noise monitoring results do not show any significant changes in noise impacts therefore consider 6 monthly to be adequate,.

Noise monitoring undertaken per 10pm and post 10pm to facilitate the changes in the background noise.


Residents made the following comments in relation to the statements by the applicant:


The noise monitoring results details there are no first floor windows in the residential developments surrounding when in fact there are. As a result it is requested the noise report be amended accordingly.


The question was asked what noise restriction are on the Albion? There are amenity impacts from this Hotel already.


Councillor McDermott indicated to the audience they need to raise concerns about non compliance with conditions of consent or uses with Councillors so they can follow the matter through to the staff for investigation.


Councillor McDermott also detailed he was aware of the late night trading initiatives they are being researched at present in Newcastle.





Five (5) plays per side, four (4) courts and two (2) referees.

Lights to be used are Hamilton Lights, they are manufactured by a QLD company and have minimal light spill.

The netting is 3mm thick enabling the netting to be viewed through, with 1mm netting to the roof.

Three (3) metre high walls on boundary of the courts.

Mini courts with artificial grass.

Communal facilities, the ability to be leased by schools and groups of friends.

Schools 11am to 2pm.

4.30pm school children and 7pm-10pm adults.

Residents raised the following concerns with the detail from Golden Goal


Children during the day from school groups and the adults in the evening the use will be all day.

The number of people visiting will result in increased noise and loss of amenity.

Concern over vehicle movements with the increased numbers for the sporting events and the increased patronage of the club with functions and extended hours of trade, there will be insufficient carparking. At present the street is used for all day parking for commuters.

At present visitors to the club park on the bowling greens, where will they park when the soccer fields are built?

Concerned with the light spill.


Alex advised there is limited light spill; 4m behind the court there is a dissipation of the light spill up to 95% this is indicated on the lux layout plan and with the Hamilton Lighting specification.

The lights will be “daylight light”.


How long is a game?

40 minutes.


A resident detailed the realisation the club needs to be viable and made the comment the zoning would allow potentially a greater density and development to be built on the site if the club folded.


Another resident advised children will be unable to sleep with the increase in noise until 10pm each evening.


The exit to Purchase Street is not adequately graded, cars scrape when leaving the site, resulting in significant noise impacts.


In summing up the application the residents wanted the following noted:


The residents strongly oppose the developments.


Can each person, including each name on the petition be notified when the application is being reported to Council?



Workers Club,  outlined the need to keep the club viable, at present it is running at a loss and the applications before Council are to ensure the club will make money become viable and therefore remain open.

He also was not aware of the complaints in relation to the current operation of the club and advised all those with concerns to write to the board members if they were of the opinion their complaints were not being addressed.


The meeting concluded at 7.30pm.