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Access Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes 19 Oct 2010







Jim Grainda, Debbie Manuel, John Moxon, Duy Quang Nguyen and Peter Simpson




Councillor Andrew Bide; Tanya Owen – Community Capacity Building Officer, Kati Westlake - Senior Project Officer- Urban Design and Vishal Lakhia - Project Officer - Urban Design, Land Use & Transport Planning; Elisabeth Collins - Community Services Team Leader, Home Support & Community Services; Donna Mosford -  Manager, Social Outcomes; Victoria Edghill - Project Officer, Social Outcomes; Hamish Murray – visitor; Joe Dimech – visitor; and Joy Bramham – Administration Officer.




John Moxon welcomed everyone to the Access Committee.  




John Moxon acknowledged the Burramatugal Clan of The Darug, the traditional land owners of Parramatta and paid respect to the elders both past and present.




Apologies were accepted for Leonie Clarke and Barbara Jones.




There were no declarations made regarding conflict of interest at this meeting.




A copy of the Minutes of the Access Advisory Committee meeting held on 17 August 2010 had previously been forwarded to each member.


RESOLUTION  (Manuel/Simpson)        


That the Minutes of the meeting of the Access Advisory Committee held on 17 August be taken as read and confirmed with the following amendment:-

1. In Item 6.1 John Moxon stated that the Human Rights Commission have guidelines for accessible bus stops, not access complaints. 



6.1.1 Review of Public Domain Details for Disability Access


There was a meeting prior to the Committee Meeting with Vishal Lakhia and Kati Westlake. The Committee generally found the Review of Public Domain Details for Disability Access to be comprehensive, however several issues need further work including TGSIs on curb ramps. There is a further meeting planned on November 8, 2010 to discuss details on City Centre pavements, especially in regard to patterns, outdoor seating in cafes and minimum curb height.


6.2 Accessible Bus Stops - Partnership with Area Health


Donna Mosford and Victoria Edghill presented information regarding a partnership with the Area Health Service with a focus on upgrading bus stops to be accessible. The partnership with the Regional and Local Infrastructure Program means that Council will have $70,000 in funding to upgrade uncompliant bus stops.


There was an audit conducted a couple of years ago, however at that time there were no Australian standards in place, so there is information on very poor bus shelters but there is no specific information if a bus shelter complies with standards for size of the concrete pad, location of signage and TGSIs etc .


A cross functional Council team has been established to determine high priority areas. The group is also looking at what else needs to be represented on the map to determine priority bus shelters for the upgrade, as current funding will mean approximately only 10 -20 bus stops can be improved, depending on the work required. As such, bus stops that need minimum alterations to bring them up to standard would be beneficial to stretch the funding further for a greater number of bus stops.  


There were three target groups identified by location from census data as needing to use accessible bus stops:

· People with a disability

· People aged over 55

· Children aged under 4 years


Target areas that these groups may be going to, and that the areas for prioritisation might focus on, include:

· Disability Services

· Town Centres

· Education areas

· Hospitals

· Child care facilities

· Aged care facilities

· Train stations

· Nursing homes


A series of work-in-progress maps were presented with the population target groups in colour blocks and focus areas highlighted:

· The Winston Hill Area (red) has the highest density of the target groups;

· Guildford and North Parramatta have a slightly lower density.


Things that might be included in consideration of  prioritising bus stops:

· The bus T-Ways routes as they are accessible and some areas have feeder buses to the T-Ways;

· The really poor stops noted in the previous audit

· Accessible train stations with non complying bus shelters should be given a priority as they can be ‘links’ between a person’s entire journey;

· Bus stop on Pennant Hills Road before Kings School to enable access to thh high speed bus service to Epping.


Additional considerations / issues:

· Until public transport is accessible, people affected by inaccessibility will not  use it; and because of low usage, it is not a priority;

· There may be an accessible bus in one direction but it doesn’t run the other way;

· Some stations aren’t accessible even if advertised as such – these stations should be  low priority for upgrading of bus stops;

· Could consider stops near highly used ones to increase ease of use (such as not sharing waiting space, or boarding/descending, with school children) to make access to buses and stops easier.


Donna Mosford asked the Committee if they thought any specific target group should have a higher weighting. Mothers with prams are a highly represented demographic, but the Committee commented that this would be a changing population coming and going in waves, and also noted that the Over-55 group is a growing demographic. The Committee agreed that all groups should be weighted equally.


Donna Mosford asked that if members thought any particular bus stop should be prioritised for an upgrade, this can be given to Tanya Owen within 2 weeks for forwarding to Donna/Victoria for inclusion in the list of considerations.  Donna Mosford advised that the bus stops to be upgraded will be confirmed by the end of the year and will keep the Committee informed.


Note: Kati Westlake, Vishal Lakhia, Donna Mosford and Victoria Edghill left the meeting after consideration of this matter


6.2 Update on Evac Chairs- Confirmation of Information Received


Tanya Owen confirmed that all Committee members received an information pack with the information given to Council regarding Evac Chairs (and Vision Australia’s report to Council).  


6.3 Update on corner of Crown and Harris Streets


The council has a process for installing/changing any type of pedestrian crossing. The RTA has criteria that set out minimum numbers for pedestrian and vehicle traffic that must be fulfilled to warrant different pedestrian crossings. There are 3 traffic counts conducted over an hour period each. There is a reduction in the minimum number for people crossing if over 50% are elderly. School children pedestrians also reduce the required minimum number.


If the numbers meet RTA criteria, then it is added to Council’s Pedestrian Project List. It is only taken to the Traffic Advisory Committee when Council has the budget for the proposed changes. If the project meets RTA criteria and   the Committee endorses the recommendation, a warrant is issued by the RTA approving the project. Council may seek external funding for the project if there is no internal budget for it.


The identified crossing at Crown and Harris Streets did not meet the minimum RTA requirements for the traffic count, even with considerations for the aged and school children. As such, a pedestrian refuge island will not be installed. A report was forwarded to Tanya Owen and Vision Australia, with Vision Australia having the option of advocating to the RTA changes to the criteria.  


Councillor Andrew Bide stated that Council must follow the RTA standards, and that if the RTA does not issue a work warrant, the work will be viewed as an illegal installation.


6.4 Pennant Hills Road Crossing Update   


There were two parts to the request. Councillor Andrew Bide put in a Service Request at the previous meeting regarding badly lifting pavements on Bellevue Street, North Parramatta. This has now been repaired, however the other side of the road is also damaged. Debbie Manuel advised that she would submit another Service Request.


The second part was a pedestrian crossing for the bus stop south of Bellevue Street. There was an on-site meeting with the Lord Mayor, Councillor John Chedid, a resident and a Council Officer that also looked at the lack of pavement to Bellevue Street. A traffic count was conducted and did meet RTA standards.  However, Council does not have the budget for this work, and will submit an application for funding under the RTA’s Blackspot Program.  


Note: Councillor Andrew Bide left the meeting after consideration of the matter.


6.5 IDPwD Update


A sub-group of the Committee met with Council Community Place Development Officer Chris McAlpine, regarding the Internatial Day of People with Disability (IDPwD), where it was discussed that the Access Advisory Committee would man an information stall on IDPwD. John Moxon asked that all Committee members show up for at least part of the day. 


The stall would have:

· Brochures on access issues

· Information from the Human Rights Commission

· Posters of disability aids – from suppliers – the Committee to source

· CDs: “The good, the bad, and the ugly”

· Surveys

· Maps

· Banner for the Access Committee


The surveys would be conducted by Committee members and are easy to complete. It would also include good and bad access related areas. The Access Committee stall area would have large maps of the CBD and the LGA for people to place a sticker or a pin on showing good and bad access areas.  


The Committee stated that Council should be giving copies of the CD “The good, the bad, and the ugly” to anyone lodging a commercial Development Application prior to actual lodgement of the DA, and asked that Tanya Owen follow this up. 


Tanya Owen updated the Committee on the employer lunch event to be held prior to IDPwD. Invitations are being finalised and will be sent out to employers identified by several Disability Employment Services in the LGA. There should be approximately 50 guests at the Northcott sponsored venue. 


There will also be an access tour of Parramatta Station on IDPwD.


RESOLVED (Moxon/Manuel)


That John Moxon submit an application to have a stall at the IDPWD on behalf of the Access Advisory Committee.


Action: Tanya Owen to follow up with the appropriate Council Officers regarding the distribution of ‘The good, the bad, and the ugly”. 


6.6 NSW Community Building Partnership Grant Update

 The list of works to be completed with the funding received is as follows:- 

· Parra Town Hall – Installation of a Hearing Loop and Signage

· Heritage Centre – Installation of Hearing Loops

· Ermington Community Centre – Installation of an access ramp, Hearing Loops and Signage

· Aunties and Uncles – Door widening, Disabled Parking and a Disabled Toilet



· Support for Duy Nguyen for Citizen of the Year

· Response from CityRail to Duy Nguyen regarding access at Yagoona train station



8.1 Lake Parramatta


The Committee asked if there was any further information about Lake Parramatta Reserve and if there was redevelopment proposed for the area, including the possibility of a new convention centre. The Committee asked that this be investigated and if there are plans for redevelopment, that the Access Advisory Committee have input into any these plans.


Action: Tanya Owen to contact the appropriate Council officer for further information.


8.2 New Members


Joe Dimech and Hamish Murray gave a brief introduction about themselves.


RESOLVED (Grainda/Manuel)


That Joe Dimech and Hamish Murray receive application information  to become Members of the Parramatta City Council Access Advisory Committee.


Action: Tanya Owen to send Joe Dimech and Hamish Murray Member application packages.  



 5:30pm 21 December 2010

Meeting Rooms 1 & 2

Council Chambers Building 


The meeting concluded at 7:13 pm