Item 8.2 - Attachment 1

Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes for 18 August 2010






Carol Liston in the Chair, Bronwyn Alcorn, Shylie Brown (retired 7.32 pm), Peter Crittenden, Ruth Evans, Janice Huntington, Anne Mathews and David Shakespeare (retired 7.05pm).





Shayne Bray (Local Studies and Family History Librarian), Grant Davies (Minute Clerk), Paul Kennedy (Project Officer), Karen O’Donnell (Service Manager Cultural Heritage Programs and Tourism Information- arrived 5.54pm) and Zoran Popovic (Heritage Advisor – arrived 6.18pm).





An apology was received and accepted for the absence of June Brown, Elaine Evans and Bill McGuirk.






Janice Huntington declared an interest in relation to the Local Heritage Fund Application submitted by A and M Duric for 16 Rosehill Street, Parramatta as Ms Huntington works with one of the applicants.






The Committee extended a warm welcome to Shayne Bray, Local Studies and Family History Librarian.





49/10 Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes – 16 June 2010

A copy of the Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 16 June 2010 had previously been forwarded to each member.


RESOLVED              (A Mathews/S Brown)


That the minutes of the meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 16 June 2010 be taken as read and confirmed as a true record of the meeting with the following alterations:-


1.         The references to “Ruth Evans” on pages 4, 5 and 7 of the minutes should actually read “Elaine Evans”.

2.         The premises referred to on page 5 of the minutes as “30 Lakeside Avenue, Eastwood” should read “40 Lakeside Avenue, Eastwood.”





50/10  Missing Plaques

Paul Kennedy referred to Minute No. 34/10 of the previous meeting and advised that the Sunday school plaque had not been mounted as yet and as this was a condition of consent, the issue had been referred to Council’s Compliance Section.


No response had been received from Compliance as yet.


In relation to the relocation of the Macquarie Plaque, Mr Kennedy suggested that this matter be held in abeyance pending further clarification associated with the World Heritage Listing of the convict site.


Gay Hendriksen had also provided information that the Bond House Plaque was erected in the David Jones Building near the café.



51/10  Preservation of Female Factory

Mr Kennedy referred to Minute No. 35/10 of the previous meeting and advised that correspondence had been sent to the Sydney West Area Health Service seeking advice on any plans for the conservation and restoration of the 3rd class wing of the Parramatta Female Factory.


Responses had now been received from Phillippa Venn Brown, Cluster Operations Manager at Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS) and from Col Erickson of SWAHS Asset Management. A copy of each reply is appended as Attachment 1.


The Committee noted the reference to the ‘1825 Rum Corp Building’ in the response received.


RESOLVED  (C Liston/S Brown)


That the Committee accept the offer to receive a presentation on the activities being undertaken by the SWAHS for the care and preservation of the significant heritage items on site.






52/10  Feedback from Council

Mr Kennedy advised that the minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 16 June 2010 had been placed before the Council at its meeting held on 26 July 2010.


Council had noted the Committee’s minutes and had also accepted the application of Maureen McManus for appointment to the Committee as a representative of the Granville Historical Society.


Since that time, Ms McManus had advised of her inability to attend due to health reasons and accordingly, the Granville Historical Society had been invited to nominate a further representative.


A further nomination was being awaited.


53/10  Parramatta Stories Project

In the absence of Ms Michelle Desailly, this matter was held in abeyance to the next meeting.



54/10  Comprehensive Heritage Review

It was noted that the Committee had at its previous meeting (Minute No. 37/10 refers) reviewed a batch of items of state significance to determine whether the items should be included on the State Heritage Register.


A further batch of 15 items had been previously distributed to members for consideration at tonight’s meeting.


Mr Kennedy reminded members that the critical test was whether a particular item had significance for the entire state.


The following sites were then considered and following decisions reached:-



Karen O’Donnell arrived at the meeting at 5.54pm.


30 and 32 Albert Street, North Parramatta

Whilst the examples are exceptional houses, the premises are items of local significance.


46 Bertha Street, Merrylands

There was some debate as to whether this premises still existed.


The period of construction in terms of public housing was of state significance.


Accordingly, the item is of state significance.


15 Bradman Street, Granville

Carol Liston noted that only a small number of houses were constructed under the Trust and accordingly further investigation needed to be carried out to see whether this item would meet the criteria for state significance.


2 Buller Street, East Parramatta

It was noted that the head stones were not located on the original burial sites and accordingly, it was unlikely the site would meet the criteria for listing as state significant.



27, 29, 33 and 33 – 47 Chiswick Road, South Granville

It was noted that this site constituted the first group development of the newly formed Housing Commission and accordingly were items of possible state significance.


It was also suggested that it may be useful to contact other Western Sydney Councils, in conjunction with the Heritage Office, to ascertain what action was being taken to consider the listing of fibro dwellings across Sydney.


Dellwood Shopping Centre – 12 Dellwood Street, South Granville

It was noted that this site was the first construction of shops by the Housing Commission. The shops remained in much the same condition as when built and were considered to be items of state significance.


21 Elizabeth Street, Parramatta – All Saints Parochial School

It was noted that the premises had been demolished and re-erected and could only be considered as being of local signficance.



30 Elizabeth Street, Parramatta

Due to the dwelling’s early construction and as the locality was the start of the subdivision created along that part of the river (and includes the breakdown of the colonial farm base), a case may be made for listing as state significant.


93 Great Western Highway, Parramatta - Milestone

It was noted that the milestone had been moved on several occasions and could only be considered as being an item of local significance.



Mr Zoran Popovic arrived at the meeting at 6.18pm.


20 Grose Street, Parramatta – Single Storey Dwelling

Whilst very picturesque, the item is of local significance.


39 Jamieson Street, Granville – St Marks Anglican Church

Item of local significance.


225 Marsden Road, Carlingford – Dalmar Children’s Home

It was noted that the site may meet the criteria for listing as a major regional institution.


Item be tested for state significance.


228 Marsden Road, Carlingford

An attractive house but the item is only of local significance.


300 Marsden Road, Carlingford

Item of local significance.


Mr Kennedy advised that the Committee had commented on 15 items each at this and the previous meeting, which left 30 items remaining to be considered.


With the agreement of the Committee, Mr Kennedy advised that the remaining 30 items would be distributed for consideration at the next meeting, being the likely final meeting prior to Christmas.


Shylie Brown requested that the premises constructed in Bennalong Street, Granville using the rubble sandstone from Lachlan Macquarie’s fence also be considered for listing.


Carol Liston noted that the Committee had considered the listing of the Sir Thomas Mitchell Reserve Quarry at the previous meeting. Ms Liston advised that the issue really related to geological significance.


Mr Kennedy responded that the site would be added to the inventory of state significant items but was not sure it could be added to the state heritage register.


Carol Liston requested that further investigation be undertaken on the possible state listing of the site as an item of natural heritage.


In response to a further question from David Shakespeare, Mr Kennedy advised that members were welcome to report to their respective groups on the decisions taken by the Heritage Advisory Committee.



55/10  Update on Development Applications

            Mr Popovic advised that he had 2 development applications of interest for discussion at tonight’s meeting.


            44 Oakes Road, Winston Hills

            Construction of a single storey place of public worship. The proposal has the potential to disturb archaeology in the area. Objections had been received from local residents and the Toongabbie and District Historical Society.


            Mr Popovic advised he had requested an archaeological assessment of the site be carried out prior to the DA proceeding. He noted that the Committee could comment on the proposal, however, under the EP and A Act, individual submissions from members would be required.


            Carol Liston added that the Toongabbie Government Farm is a nationally significant site and was also important in the context of Parramatta as a regional centre.


            The Committee expressed its appreciation to Council for recognising the site and for seeking the archaeological assessment.



5 Sutherland Road, North Parramatta

           The proposal relates to the demolition of the subject premises which was the family home for Richie Benaud.


           Mr Popovic advised that the integrity of fabric of the house had been compromised and that its fabric would not meet the criteria for listing, however, the association with Richie Benaud remains. 


           Shylie Brown and David Shakespeare noted the wonderful story associated with the premises and considered that it was important for the house to be saved.


           The Committee then discussed whether commemoration could be made in an alternative fashion, perhaps via plaque. 



            RESOLVED  (Liston/Mathews)


(a)       That the importance of the Benaud Family to the history of Parramatta be acknowledged and Council be requested to provide appropriate recognition as part of the Parramatta Stories Project.

(b)       Further, that local historical societies represented on the Committee who have collected information on important Parramatta persons could consider sharing this with the Parramatta Stories Project.



356 Church Street, Parramatta

An update was sought on the proposed development of the subject site for a hotel.


Mr Popovic advised that the application for demolition had been refused by Council with the decision being upheld in the Land and Environment Court.


It was assumed that the premises were now up for sale using the previous approval for a hotel within the body of the premises.


St Patricks Cemetery – Effect of Road Widening

Mr Popovic noted that the proposal was not a development application nor was Council the consent authority.


Mr Kennedy advised that the project was to be undertaken by the RTA and it was his understanding that the works would have minimal effect on the Cemetery.


He added that the RTA had been in discussions with the Heritage Office on the issue.


Carol Liston requested that an update on this issue be provided at the next meeting.


40 Lakeside Avenue, Eastwood

            Ruth Evans noted that the house constructed at the subject premises was very much different to the house displayed on the submitted plans.


            Ms Evans asked that this issue be referred to the Compliance Section for investigation.


            Intersection of Marsden Road and Stewart Street, Dundas

            Ruth Evans noted the construction of an unsightly fence at the premises at the corner of Marsden Road and Stewart Street, Dundas and questioned whether the fence was to be removed.


            Mr Popovic advised that he understood approval had been received for the erection of a fence, but added he would investigate the matter and report to the next meeting of the Committee.











David Shakespeare retired from the meeting at 7.05pm.



56/10  Local Heritage Fund Applications


Paul Kennedy advised that 5 applications had been received for consideration at this meeting as follows:-


1.         144 Good Street, Harris Park – replacement and repair of slate skillion roof.


RESOLVED  (S Brown/P Crittenden)


That funds in the amount of $2000 be granted.


2.         180 Windsor Road, Northmead – restoration of side veranda.


RESOLVED  (S Brown/A Mathews)


That funds in the amount of $2000 be granted.



3.         73 Eleanor Street, Rosehill – repairs to the exterior of the house including replacement of exterior sheathing, repair of veranda, repair of backdoor and replacement of gutters and a downpipe.


RESOLVED  (S Brown/A Mathews)


That funds in the amount of $900 be granted.



4.         14 Rosehill Street, Parramatta – replacement of period kitchen benches with granite benches.


            It was noted that the works were not considered a priority in terms of criteria and such kitchens were not evident in the 19th century.


RESOLVED (C Liston/R Evans)


That no funds be granted under the Local Heritage Fund as the application does not meet the necessary criteria.


5.         16 Rosehill Street, Parramatta -  new roof installed with timber beams repaired where required.


RESOLVED  (S Brown/A Mathews)


That funds in the amount of $2000 be granted.



Ms Janice Huntington declared an interest in the application submitted for 16 Rosehill Street, Parramatta as she works with one of the applicants. Ms Huntington temporarily left the meeting during consideration and voting on this matter.






57/10  44 Oakes Road, Toongabbie and Knox Cottage, Toongabbie

Paul Kennedy noted that a letter had been submitted by the Toongabbie and District Historical Society objecting to the subject development.


The correspondence also requested that Council refuse any application to demolish Knox Cottage at Binalong Road, Toongabbie.


RESOLVED  (C Liston/A Mathews)


That the information provided by the Society be placed on Council’s relevant file and the Society be advised of the present position in relation to each of the subject sites.



58/10  Parramatta River Sand Sheet

Paul Kennedy advised of an important body of sand which covers the city centre approximately 1 metre below the surface. The sand is known to contain aboriginal artefacts many thousands of years old and had been discovered by Peter Mitchell when commissioned to undertake works on behalf of Council.


Council has received representations from the Heritage Office requesting that a portion of the sand sheet, perhaps at the Council reserves adjoining Harris Street and into Hambledon Cottage, be included on the State Heritage Register.


Paul Kennedy was seeking endorsement from the Committee for an appropriate listing and added that there would be consultation with Aboriginal groups, including the Darug people, seeking their support.


Carol Liston requested that Council ensure that developments on privately owned land were also advised of the existence of the sand sheet to ensure any impact was properly monitored.


Mr Kennedy noted that the sand sheet was mapped on Council’s GIS data and any impacting development would likely be required to carry out an archaeological investigation.


Carol Liston added that it would be timely to give consideration to an appropriate repository to ensure that any artefacts recovered were managed and retained and be available for consideration as part of Parramatta Stories.




RESOLVED  (Liston/S Brown)


The Committee supports the inclusion of a portion of the sand sheet on the State Heritage Register and looks forward to further details being provided, particularly on the extent and areas which are best representative of the sand sheet.





59/10  Information Share

1.         History Day to be held at Hambledon Cottage on 8 September 2010 (on behalf of D Shakespeare).

2.         Freedom of the City March to be held on 20 November 2010 (on behalf of D Shakespeare).

3.         2011 will be 150 years of Parramatta Municipal Council and consideration should be given to an appropriate celebration (on behalf of D Shakespeare).

4.         Landscapers are back at Old Government House (P Crittenden).

5.         Elizabeth Farm had received a bronze aware at the Greater City Tourism Awards for heritage and cultural tourism (B Alcorn).

6.         Elizabeth Farm is working on an exhibition to be launched during Parramassala which will include an investigation on south east Asian influence on buildings (B Alcorn).

7.         A History Week Programme for the Heritage Centre was tabled (K O’Donnell).

8.         DigiMac is now available at the Heritage Centre for hire and quite a level of interest has already been experienced (K O’Donnell).

9.         A children’s interactive is almost complete at the Heritage Centre to introduce children to archaeology. A non time specific boat had also been constructed (K O’Donnell).

10.       Carol Liston will be teaching her heritage subject at the Parramatta Campus during the first 2 weeks of December. Appropriate walking tours will be conducted.




The meeting terminated at 7.41 pm.