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MEMO - Assessors EOI results








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Group Manager, Outcomes & Development



7 September 2010



Laurie Whitehead, Unit Manager Regulatory Services






Expression Of Interest (EOI) results for the Parking Review Adjudication Panel





To advise the Council through the Group Manager of Outcomes and Development the result of the EOI for the Parking Review Adjudication Panel.  The purpose of the Parking Review Adjudication Panel is to review requests for mitigating circumstances regarding Penalty Notices issued by Council under delegation and in particular to parking related matters in accordance with the parking Enforcement Policy. 


Report to Council the results of the EOI for adoption of the Parking Review Adjudication Panel successful candidates. 




At a meeting held on the 14th July 2010, Council resolved to commence a Parking Review Adjudication Panel that included two members from the public; and that an EOI be undertaken for the voluntary honorarium positions for a 12 month period.


A formal EOI was prepared and the positions were advertised in accordance with Council policies.  Five (5) applications were received and reviewed by an assessor’s panel in accordance with Council policy and procedures relating to EOI.  A selection assessor’s panel was convened to review the EOI for the proposed Parking Review Adjudication Panel.


All applications were assessed by the panel against the essential criteria and reference checks were undertaken of all applicants.


During the selection it was identified that the successful candidates would need to be trained in the relevant Council guidelines for the behaviours and matters for considerations for the panel that include;


Parking Enforcement Policy

Code of Conduct

Conflict of interests

“Caution Guidelines” issued by Attorney General,

“Review Guidelines” issued by Attorney General.


All successful candidates will be provided training in the relevant policies, guidelines and procedure.




The EOI was advertised and Parramatta City Councils Tender process and guidelines were implemented and adhered to.  A meeting was convened on the 5th August 2010 in the Level 3 meeting room Darcy Street Parramatta in attendance was Assessor Noel Clarke, Assessor Erin Lottey, and Assessor/Chair Laurie Whitehead.  The assessors were briefed as to the role of the proposed adjudication review panel and the criteria for acceptance in accordance with the EOI.


A total of 5 submissions were received.  They were reviewed by the assessors marked and ranked according to their response to the nominated criteria with a scale of 1-5 for each criteria.  No additional weighting was provided to the criteria.  Individual reference checks were conducted over the following two week period on all five applicants.  There were no major irregularities identified during this check.


The Parking Enforcement Policy requires a minimum of two independent people for the panel with two back up person (total of 4 people). The assessment of the applicants identified two candidates had a variety of attributes that would also complement the panel.


It was agreed by the assessors that all 5 applicants would be recommended for inclusion on the panel. The Panel would operate in accordance with the Parking Enforcement policy with the successful candidate being used on a rotational and as available basis. This would allow for greater flexibility to allow for the panel to operate meeting the panel’s requirements to review representations in accordance with the policy and on a weekly basis.




The successful candidates will be Honorariums and eligible for a token payment to attend each (required) meeting.  The proposed fee is to cover associated costs to attend the meetings for travel parking etc.  It is proposed that the token fee be set at $50.00 per person per meeting ($100 per meeting) this would be a total cost of $5,200 per year and would be subject to Council approval.




It is recommended that the five applicants be accepted for the Parking Review Adjudication Panel subject to a final report to Council.


That the result be reported to Council for adoption in accordance with the Council resolution


That all parties be advised of Council recommendation upon Council resolution.




Laurie Whitehead

Unit Manager, Regulatory Services