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Community Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes 18 August 2010







Chris Bertinshaw, Mark Egan (arrived 6:22pm), Jim Grainda, Paul Hurley and Marivic Manalo





Maggie Kyle – Community Capacity Building Officer, Tanya Owen – Community Capacity Building Officer, and Joy Bramham – Minute Clerk




Due to the absence of the Pro Tem Chairperson, Maggie Kyle welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending. There was not a quorum but members decided to start the meeting in the hopes of obtaining a quorum.




Apologies were received from Jane Ho and Phillip Russo for this meeting.


(Committee member Mark Eagan arrived 6:22pm)




A copy of the Minutes of the Community Advisory Committee meeting held on 18 March 2010 and notes from the meetings held on 28 April 2010 and 23 June 2010, where there was no quorum, had previously been forwarded to each member.


RESOLUTION (Bertinshaw/Hurley)      


That the Minutes of the meeting of the Community Advisory Committee held on 18 March 2010 be taken as read and confirmed.


That the Notes of the meeting of the Community Advisory Committee held on 28 April 2010 be taken as read and confirmed


That the Notes of the meeting of the Community Advisory Committee held on 23 June 2010 be taken as read and confirmed





At the meeting on 28 April 2010, information was presented on different areas of the LGA. Members present at the meeting agreed that Harris Park would be a good location for the first Neighbourhood Forum for the following reasons:-


· Harris Park does have issues, but they are not particularly controversial and therefore the area would be good location for the first run of the Neighbourhood Forums.

· Due to the nature of the community, there are not many opportunities to interact as a neighbourhood, and hence a Neighbourhood Forum would provide an opportunity for this.


Council Officers informed the Committee that a Community Fun Day is also being planned for Sunday, September 5 by Council (CCB Team, Open Space and Recreation Units) to coincide with the official opening of a playground in Harris Park, and is targeting families in the Harris Park area.  The park venue is to be confirmed for the Committee.


 Because the Community Fun Day is already being planned, and people from the community will already be present, Council Officers thought this could be a good venue and time for the Neighbourhood Forum.


Council Officers have spoken with the Community Place Development Officer involved, who said that time can be set aside for the Neighbourhood Forum during the day, around 1-2 pm, and can be held in a marquee with chairs available.


Maggie Kyle asked the Committee if they wanted to hold the forum in conjunction with the Community Fun Day.


The Committee responded that they thought it was appropriate for the Forum to go ahead on this day and is a good opportunity to take advantage of, given that the community would already be present.


Marivic Manalo and Jim Grainda said that they would be able to attend. Paul Hurley and Chris Bertinshaw said that they would be unable to attend. Maggie Kyle advised that Phil Russo would also be unable to attend. Mark Egan indicated that he was unlikely to attend.


Council Officers said that they would advise Chris McAlpine, the Community Place Development Officer involved in organising the event, that the Forum would be held in conjunction with the Fun Day and start organising promotional material. Committee members asked if flyers could be emailed to them for distribution through their networks.


Committee members discussed the following regarding the proposal: the possibility of issues such as racism being brought up; the Forum attracting a very different audience than if the forum was held as an isolated event;  the atmosphere of a new park opening, food and children’s activities helping to increase positive attitudes.


The Committee was advised that:  local schools had all been invited. to participate and  several organisations such as the Harris Park Community Centre that focus on local issues will participate.


Committee members agreed that this Forum would be more about dialogue and less of a presentation. A general framework for the Forum was proposed as follows:

· Chris McAlpine could give a brief 5 minute overview about Harris Park, including what we know of the area and its residents as well as recent community activities such as the opening of the Community Garden, that could facilitate discussion.

· A brief synopsis on what the Community Advisory Committee is and does

· The facilitators would be ask open questions regarding the neighbourhood.

o What is important to the community?

o What is working well?

o What do people value?

o What do people want for their community – what changes would they like to see?

o Ideas the community may have to achieve what they want for their community?

· Interested community members will be invited to join the Community Advisory Committee.


The committee agreed that Council Officers would liaise with members of the Committee who will be attending the event to establish a running program.


Council Officers will write a report on the Forum and distribute this to members.

The Committee agreed to meet again on 20 October, 2010, at a venue to be confirmed, where the report and the next Forum could be discussed.


It was agreed that Council Officers would:

·    email flyers to Committee Members for dissemination through their networks;

·    communicate with Committee members attending the event to establish a running sheet, based upon the proposed program; and,

·    write a report on the Forum and distribute this to members before the next Committee meeting.









Wednesday 20 October 2010


Venue TBA

The meeting concluded at 6.58 pm