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Letter to Minister for Housing


                                                                                                                        Our Reference:  NCA/1/2010

                                                                                                                        Contact:             Louise Kerr

                                                                                                                        Telephone:         9806 5780

                                                                                                                        Fax:                    9806 5902



The Hon Frank Terenzini MP

NSW Minister for Housing                                                          

Level 13

55 Hunter Street
SYDNEY   NSW   2000



                                                                                                [Date to be inserted]



Dear Minister Terenzini,





I refer to the Part 3A Concept Plan Application that has been made to the Department of Planning for the construction of 1,900 dwellings over 10 projects known as the ‘Telopea Urban Renewal Project ‘and to the Project Application for demolition of existing dwellings and the construction of 103 residential units in the Shortland Precinct and 49 residential units in the Moffats Precinct.


Parramatta Council welcomes the rejuvenation of the Telopea area in a well designed, co-ordinated and socially, environmentally and economically responsible manner however Council has significant concerns about the proposal. Of particular concern is the inadequate community and stakeholder consultation that has been conducted by the proponent (Department of Housing) and the consent authority (Department of Planning). The notification of 1500 residents for a project of this size is not sufficient and is unacceptable.


Council urges you to prepare a comprehensive Community and Stakeholder Consultation Plan following consultation with Parramatta City Council. The Community and Stakeholder Consultation Plan should include (but not be limited to):-


·    A variety of engagement techniques that offer opportunities to participate across all relevant groups;

·    Clearly identify key community and stakeholder groups who will be consulted during the redevelopment project;

·    Clearly identify how issues raised during consultation stages are to be addressed and considered by the NSW Department of Housing.


Parramatta City Council also urges you to establish as a matter of urgency a committee of community members (comprising interested local residents and elected members of Parramatta Council) to enable the community to be kept informed of this project and of critical decisions that will impact the community.


Parramatta City Council also continues to be concerned about the delivery of the public and private housing mix over the projected 10 year period. Council would prefer to see the private sector take responsibility for the delivery of the whole project in partnership with the Department of Housing to ensure that the accommodation requirements of the Department of Housing are met together with private housing.


Parramatta City Council continues to look forward to working collaboratively with the Department of Housing on this project to deliver the best outcomes for the community of Telopea.



Yours sincerely





Councillor Paul Garrard