Item 8.5 - Attachment 1

Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes for 16 June 2010






Bill McGuirk in the Chair, Bronwyn Alcorn, June Brown, Shylie Brown, Peter Crittenden, Elaine Evans and Anne Mathews.





Grant Davies (Minute Clerk), Michelle Desailly (Arts and Cultural Project Officer – Parramatta Stories – arrived 5.54 pm and retired 6.35 pm), Paul Kennedy (Project Officer) and Zoran Popovic (Heritage Advisor – arrived 5.50 pm).





An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Ruth Evans, Janice Huntington, Carol Liston and David Shakespeare.






There were no conflict of interest declarations.






33/10 Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes – 21 April 2010

A copy of the Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 21 April 2010 had previously been forwarded to each member.


RESOLVED              (E Evans/A Mathews)


That the minutes of the meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 21 June 2010 be taken as read and confirmed as a true record of the meeting.





34/10  Missing Plaques

June Brown referred to Minute No. 27/10 of the previous meeting and advised that the Bond House plaque had been erected on the wall of David Jones in 1963.


Paul Kennedy noted that a condition of consent also required the mounting of the Sunday School plaque which clearly had not occurred. The matter has been referred to Council’s Compliance Unit for investigation.


Shylie Brown asked whether there was any hope of the Macquarie Plaque being erected, preferably in Macquarie Street.


Mr Kennedy responded that the plaque was currently located in the Heritage Centre. A proposal had been put to Council to have the plaque erected in Barrack Lane, however, funds had not been voted.



35/10  Preservation of Female Factory

Mr Kennedy referred to Minute No. 31/10 of the previous meeting and advised that correspondence had been sent to the Sydney West Area Health Service seeking advice on any plans for the conservation and restoration of the 3rd class wing of the Parramatta Female Factory. To date a response had not been received.




36/10  Feedback from Council

Mr Kennedy advised that the minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 21 April 2010 had been placed before the Council at its meeting held on 24 May 2010.


Council had noted the Committee’s minutes and had also requested that the Committee’s comments regarding various heritage listed properties and conservation zones be forwarded to the Development Services Unit for incorporation into future relevant reports to Council.



37/10  Comprehensive Heritage Review

It was noted that the Committee had, at its previous meeting (Minute No. 23/10 refers), resolved to review batches of items of state significance to determine whether the items should be included on the State Heritage Register.


Mr Kennedy noted that items listed on the state register would have double protection and would also be eligible for increased grants.


He added that the critical test was whether a particular item had significance for the entire state.


The following sites were then considered and following decisions reached:-


31 Alexandra Street, Sir Thomas Mitchell Reserve - Quarry

Arguments for and against were raised in relation to this site though it was agreed the area would have a great  deal more potential if it had not been used as a tip.



Zoran Popovic arrived at the meeting at 5.50 pm.


47 Barnetts Road, Winston Hills

Item of local significance.




10 Bethel Street, Toongabbie

Item of local significance.



Michelle Desailly arrived at the meeting at 5.54 pm.


42 Bettington Road, Oatlands

The site is of state significance, especially in regard to the significance of the family who had resided at the location.


36 Bungaree Road, Pendle Hill

The site is very important locally. Item of local significance.


9 – 13 Elders Road, Dundas

Site of local significance at the very most.


130 Evans Road, Dundas

Following discussions, consensus was that the property was of local significance.


6A Hawkesbury Road, Westmead

The site, including the boy’s home, is of state significance.


15 – 17 Honor Street, Ermington

The site is terribly neglected but in tact. It was noted that the premises was the first grant to soldiers on its side of the river.


Item is of state significance.


59 Kirby Street, Dundas

Item of local significance.


37 Midson Road, Eastwood

            Item of local significance.


            96 Pennant Hills Road, North Parramatta

            The site is part of Burnside Homes and is of state significance.


The Committee considered that the Hills Shire Council should be approached with a view to all houses in this vicinity being listed together.


1 Spurway Street, Ermington

Item of local significance.


127 Wentworth Avenue, Wentworthville

Item of local significance.


A further list of properties was then distributed for discussion at the next meeting of the Committee.



38/10  Parramatta Stories Project


Parramac 2010

Michelle Desailly distributed a brochure on Parramac 2010, a celebration of the bicentenary of Lachlan Macquarie’s Governorship of NSW. An invitation would also be forwarded to members to attend the start of the festival to be held on 30 June 2010 with the festival running through to 15 September 2010.



Michelle advised that she had been working on “Digimacq” a new downloadable iTunes application that would take users on a multi media historical tour through Parramatta. The application would be free and would be available from the Apple iTunes store.


In addition, iTouches would be available for hire between 7 and 28 July 2010.


Ms Desailly played a snippet of the application for members who were unanimous in their appreciation of Ms Desailly’s efforts.


Ms Desailly acknowledged the involvement of Martin Ferguson MP, Julie Owens MP (who were both instrumental in obtaining a grant) and Dr Terry Kass (who had undertaken much of the story line research).


RESOLVED  (S Brown/R Evans)


That Ms Desailly and all involved in the Digimacq project, including Council, be congratulated on their efforts.


Parramatta Core Themes

Ms Desailly advised that discussions had recently been held with Dr Terry Kass with a view to establishing a number of stories and themes that represented Parramatta and the complexity of its history.


Ms Desailly advised that the following themes had been devised and subsequently reviewed by Carol Liston and feedback was sought from members (to be provided at the next meeting of the Committee):-


·    Where the salt water meets the fresh (Natural evolution and background)

·    Aboriginal heritage and culture

·    Shaping Parramatta

·    Moving about

·    Surviving in Parramatta

·    Being successful in Parramatta

·    Living in Parramatta

·    Working in Parramatta

·    Making Parramatta secure

·    Expanding the bounds of personal knowledge, science, technology and the arts

·    Mixing and meeting (A meeting place)

·    Building community identities/ Fashioning lifestyles


A copy of information expanding on each of the themes is appended to these minutes as Attachment 1.


In addition a table had been produced for each of the themes which would list the core and secondary themes and address such issues as time, place, linkages and description. The table would be populated over the coming months.


Shylie Brown expressed her fascination with the amount of different nationalities that arrived in Australia on the first fleet and added that the Australian diversity remained the same today. Shylie would like to see this fact represented in the project.


RESOLVED  (S Brown/R Evans)


That the Parramatta Core Themes be listed for consideration at the next meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee.



39/10  Update on Development Applications


            19 Victoria Street, Epping

            Paul advised that he had received comments from Ruth Evans relating to the development at the subject site. Ms Evans had commented:-

·    Roof height inappropriate and development too bulky.

·    Development overshadows neighbouring properties.

·    The Epping Civic Trust would be objecting to the proposal.


Mr Popovic noted that the development was basically a project home tailored to suit the site.



            Michelle Desailly retired from the meeting at 6.35pm.


            22 Eastwood Avenue, Epping

Paul advised that he had received comments from Ruth Evans relating to the development at the subject site. Ms Evans had commented that the development proposed an excessive increase in roof height.


Mr Popovic suggested that due to the configuration of the site, the increased roof height might not be seen. He outlined the discussions held to achieve a reasonable outcome and noted that the development was much different to what the owners were entitled. He suggested that members look at the proposal and provide their comments.


30 Lakeside Avenue, Eastwood

Comments had also been received from Ruth Evans in relation to the subject development. The premises had an excellent street presence, however aluminium windows had been installed in the front of the dwelling, which was not in keeping with the submitted plans.


Mr Popovic advised that this was a compliance issue and added that the matter would be forwarded to Council’s Compliance Unit for investigation.


27 Chiswick Road, Granville

Similar to 45 Chiswick Road, as raised at the previous meeting, resistance was being received to the preservation of the subject premises and to the bigger issue of listing dilapidated fibro cement premises in the Blaxcell Estate.


Mr Popovic questioned whether Council should consider relaxing its controls in the area.


Elaine Evans noted that there was also a time when semi detached premises also were not appreciated. Whilst there was certainly a heritage issue in this area, it was complicated by the presence of fibro. Ms Evans suggested that Council may consider selective preservation.


Wharf Road, Ermington

Mr Popovic referred to landscaping carried out along Wharf Road in the 1950s which had subsequently suffered important losses thus reducing its integrity.


He noted that any industrial premises in the area requiring works would require development applications that addressed this issue and requested that members consider whether it was worth retaining the landscaping as a heritage item.


Mr Popovic added that he would prepare a number of related applications for discussion at the next meeting.


263 Windsor Road, Baulkham Hills – Old Farmhouse

Mr Popovic advised that correspondence had been received from the owners of 263 Windsor Road, Baulkham Hills in relation to the proposed road widening to be carried out at this location.


The owners do not wish to leave their property but once the road widening is completed, access to the property will be substantially reduced. It is likely  noise will also be prohibitive.


Mr Popovic asked whether any member had useful information on the property to assist in managing this issue.


Demolition of Building – University of Western Sydney

Elaine Evans sought advice as to any issues that existed in relation to the recent demolition of a building on Victoria Road at the University of Western Sydney site.


Mr Popovic advised that the structure was from the 1960s and was not of particular importance.


Notification Letters

Elaine Evans noted that many of the letters being forwarded to members in relation to development applications were still dated 11 January 2010.


Mr Popovic advised that the oversight would be drawn to the attention of relevant staff.


40/10  Local Heritage Fund Applications


Paul Kennedy noted that Council had received a grant of $9,500 from the Heritage Office towards the Local Heritage Fund.


He advised that 2 applications had been received for consideration at this meeting as follows:-


1.         59 Harris Street, Harris Park – replacement of 2 side fences, painting of roof at rear of the house and some interior painting.


            The Heritage Adviser was of the opinion the works were of neutral value in heritage terms.


            Paul Kennedy suggested that some funding may be reasonable for interior/exterior painting works carried out and as a partial contribution towards the fence.


RESOLVED  (Ruth Evans/J Brown)


That funds in the amount of $500 be granted.


2.         22 Talbot Road, Guildford – erection of aluminium fence along the front boundary and also along part of one side boundary.


            The Heritage Adviser noted the fence was not in style with the house and could not be seen as contributing to its heritage value.


RESOLVED (Alcorn/J Brown)


That no funds be granted in accordance with the advice received from the Heritage Adviser.






41/10  Parramatta Park Trust

Elaine Evans noted her role as a representative to the Heritage Advisory Committee from the Parramatta Park Trust. Ms Evans advised that the Trust was to be reappointed in August last year, however, this had not occurred to date.


Correspondence had been forwarded to the relevant Minister indicating that The Park had no official form of governance; however, no response had been received to date.


Mr Kennedy commented that Ms Evans had been appointed to the Heritage Advisory Committee in her own right for an entire term so no membership issues existed.


Elaine proceeded to update the Committee in relation to issues surrounding Dodd’s Farm.



42/10  Old Government House

Peter Crittenden advised that the courtyard between Old Government House and the restaurant had recently been ripped up and the archaeologist had discovered footings from Phillip’s building.


In addition, a drain running north/south across the site and a curved path consisting of half bricks which may have been a pathway to an outhouse had also been discovered.


Peter commented that the flagpole had also been removed from the front of the premises which had improved the line of sight from Old Government House.


Shylie Brown suggested that the large tree at the front of the premises should also be removed.


43/10  Mutilation of Morton Bay Fig Tree in Bulli Road, Toongabbie

Mr McGuirk commented that the large Morton Bay Fig Tree located on the footpath in Bulli Road, Toongabbie had recently been mutilated by Integral Energy.


Mr Kennedy advised that the issue would be referred to Council’s Compliance Section for investigation.



44/10  Toongabbie Convict Farm

Mr McGuirk advised that a plan of the old Toongabbie Convict Farm had recently been discovered. Whilst the plan could be viewed by members, it was not available for tabling as yet as it would be forming part of a book on the social history of Toongabbie from 1860 to 1940.



45/10  Macquarie Exhibition

Anne Mathews advised that a Macquarie Exhibition would be commencing this week at the Heritage Centre. The exhibition would include a Russian and Indian bible that were given to Lachlan Macquarie and Elizabeth Macquarie respectively.



46/10  National Trust

Peter Crittenden advised that the Parramatta Regional Branch of the National Trust had recently formed a new committee.



47/10  Elizabeth Farm

Bronwyn Alcorn advised that the works on the eastern veranda at Elizabeth Farm had now been completed.


A small archaeological dig had been undertaken in an attempt to discover why the veranda was shifting. No root activity had been discovered but some sort of ditch drain was evident one metre from the veranda.


Further reports were being awaited though it seemed the veranda had been constructed on fill.


48/10  Apologies for Next Meeting

Mr McGuirk submitted his apologies for the next meeting of the Committee which is to be held on 18 August 2010.




The meeting terminated at 7.25 pm.