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Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes for 21 April 2010






Carol Liston in the Chair, June Brown, Shylie Brown, Peter Crittenden, Elaine Evans, Ruth Evans, Bill McGuirk, Anne Mathews and David Shakespeare (retired 7:00 pm). 






Grant Davies (Minute Clerk), Paul Kennedy (Project Officer) and Zoran Popovic (Heritage Advisor – retired 7.26 pm).





An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Bronwyn Alcorn, Michelle Desailly (Arts and Cultural Project Officer – Parramatta Stories) and Janice Huntington.





There were no conflict of interest declarations.






The Chairperson welcomed Mr Peter Crittenden to the meeting.






19/10 Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes – 17 February 2010

A copy of the Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 17 February 2010 had previously been forwarded to each member.


RECOMMENDATION         (S Brown/B McGuirk)


That the minutes of the meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 17 February 2010 be taken as read and confirmed as a true record of the meeting.





20/10  Macquarie Bi - Centenary

Mr Shakespeare referred to Minute No. 7/10 of the previous meeting and noted that the Historical Society would be making Macquarie a theme for the entire year.






21/10  Feedback from Council

Mr Kennedy advised that the February minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee had been noted by Council at its meeting on 22 March 2010.


In addition, the Council had requested that Councillors be provided with a report on the impact of the new DCP guidelines on heritage protection as compared to the existing arrangements.




That a copy of the additional report requested by Council be provided to the Heritage Advisory Committee when completed.



22/10  Parramatta Stories

In the absence of Ms Desailly, this matter was deferred to the next meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee.



23/10  Comprehensive Heritage Review

Mr Kennedy provided an update on the Comprehensive Heritage Review and advised that staff had now visited properties in North Parramatta, Toongabbie, Wentworthville, Epping, Carlingford, Rydalmere and Ermington, with properties in Granville, Guildford and South Granville being currenty visited and to be followed by the CBD and Harris Park. Properties were being visually inspected, particularly for condition and intactness and also compared to the original statements in the heritage inventories.


As investigations were only in the preliminary stage, it was too early to say whether there were any properties which should be recommended for addition or removal from the heritage lists, though initial assessments were encouraging and supported the retention of virtually all listings.


Mr Kennedy noted that there appeared to have been the removal of a small number of heritage listed properties in the South Parramatta area. These removals, however, were generally supported by a paper trail with Council approvinig the demolition of heritage buildings.


Mr Popovic had also commenced the preparation of revised statements of significance and physical description for each of the properties which was a large task.


Mr Kennedy then referred to the list of items that were identified as State Significance but which were not listed on the State Heritage Register. As part of the heritage review consideration will be given to which of these items should be recommended for inclusion on the State Heritage Register.


It was agreed that batches of 5 to 10 of such properties be emailed to members at regular intervals to enable a response and the provision of background information.


A general discussion then ensued on the reserve in Toongabbie alongside Oakes Road with the Committee agreeing that this reserve needed to be recognised as an important convict site with consideration to the archaeology of the site being documented separately.


The Committee noted previous studies undertaken of the area (Ted Higginbottom, Michael Flynn, Simon Cook) and advised that relevant information would be provided to Mr Popovic.


24/10  Development Applications – Update by Heritage Advisor

            5 Galloway Street, Parramatta

Mr Popovic provided details in relation to an application submitted in respect of the premises with a view to reintegrating 2 units on site into 1 dwelling. He had indicated at a pre-lodgement meeting that he would like to see, as a first step, the reinstatement of the windows and porch.


Mr Popovic further noted his concerns in relation to the condition of the premises at 7 Galloway Street.


Ruth Evans noted the cost of holding a pre-lodgement meeting and questioned whether the fee could be waived for heritage sites.


Mr Popovic noted that the $300 fee was small compared to the costs of the proposed works. He added that applicants could talk to staff at the counter for free and could also utilise the Council’s free heritage advisory service.


42A Crimea Street, Parramatta

Mr Popovic advised that the subject site was in an area where single storey development only was permitted under the DCP. Unfortunately, the Affordable Housing SEPP permitted the construction of boarding houses.


Accordingly an application had been submitted for the construction of a boarding house that is of a substantial bulk and was out of character for the area.


Mr Popovic advised that he had requested timber inclusions and suggested that members may like to consider individual objections.




The Heritage Advisory Committee expresses concerns in relation to the visual impact and character of this development, which is located in the conservation area for South Parramatta, and requests that the applicant be asked to consider a more sympathetic design envelope.


734 Victoria Road, Ermington

Mr Popovic indicated that the application related to the construction of units on the old Betty Cuthbert Nursery site and would require a masterplan.


Mr Kennedy noted that the application had been submitted under the current, rather than the proposed plan, and accordingly was permissible.


The Committee noted that this application was simply an example of progress and suggested the Committee’s attention would best be focussed on items of a significant heritage nature.


37 Marion Street, Harris Park

Mr Popovic advised an application had been received to demolish the subject heritage item. The item can only be demolished if it is not reasonable for it to be retained and as yet, the supporting documentation has not been supplied.


3 Ada Street, Harris Park

An application had also been received for the demolition of a heritage item at this location. A heritage report had been supplied but Mr Popovic was of the opinion that the report did not provide an acceptable argument for the demolition and he awaited, with interest, the provision of a structural engineers report.


Sutherland Road, North Parramatta

Mr Popovic sought the Committee’s opinion on an application received for the demolition of an existing house and the construction of a dual occupancy in a special character rather than heritage conservation area in Sutherland Road, North Parramatta. He questioned whether the special character areas of today were the heritage areas of tomorrow. Mr Kennedy also pointed out that as part of the heritage review, consideration will be given to whether any parts of this locality should be included in a conservation area.


Mr Popovic invited any member that felt strongly about this application to lodge an individual objection.




That the broader principles of special character areas be discussed at a future meeting of the Committee.


45 Chiswick Road, South Granville

Mr Popovic had received strong representations from the owner of the subject premises in relation to the heritage listing of the premises. He noted that the house was an early example of a Housing Commission property and even if removed from the listing, the premises would remain in the conservation area.


Ms Liston referred to the need to educate the public in relation to the way that heritage enriches our future.



Mr D Shakespeare retired from the meeting at 7.00 pm during discussion of this matter.


Woolpack Hotel and James Elder Premises

Shylie Brown noted the recent development application submitted for the Woolpack Hotel and expressed concern in relation to its effect on the adjacent James Elder premises.


Mr Popovic advised that he would have regard to these concerns but noted that proposal was reasonable, except for the proposed signage which was not consistent with the area.


Mr Popovic further asked that he be provided with any relevant historical information pertaining to the site and advised that he would then carry out an inspection.




That the James Elder premises be considered for separate listing on the State Heritage Register.


25/10  Local Heritage Fund Applications

Paul advised that 3 applications had been received for consideration at this meeting. He noted that should the applications be approved, this year’s allocation of funds would be exhausted. The applications are as follows:-


1.         22 Albert Street, North Parramatta – installation of front boundary fence, hardwood post and rails with federation wire inserts and gates.


RECOMMENDATION         (B McGuirk/J Brown)


That funds in the amount of $2000 be granted.


2.         65 and 67 Victoria Road, Parramatta – render and brickwork repairs to front elevation of building, painting of external trim and interior painting to lobby and kitchen.


RECOMMENDATION         (A Mathews/J Brown)


That funds in the amount of $1000 be granted.



3.         12 Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood – replace roof tiles and install new gutters and downpipes.


RECOMMENDATION         (S Brown/J Brown)


That funds in the amount of $2500 be granted.






26/10  Availability of Objector’s Names on Council’s Website

Ruth Evans noted that certain residents were hesitant to object to applications as their names were then included on Council’s website.


            Mr Popovic responded that Council could hide details if requested.



27/10  Missing Plaques

June Brown asked, on behalf of the President of the Parramatta District Historical Society (PDHS), if any person was aware of the location of the following 2 important plaques:-

1.         The plaque commemorating the first Sunday School in Parramatta. Thomas Hassall started the first Sunday School in the barn of his father Rowland Hassall’s property in George and Charles Street. The plaque was in a small car park on the corner of George and Charles Street.

2.         The plaque for James Houison’s Bond House in Church Street. It was erected in 1960 by David Jones Ltd to mark the site of the home (usually called the Bond House) which was built by James Houison in 1861 and demolished in 1960 to make way for the building of David Jones. It was also the headquarters of the PDHS for 20 years. The plaque was mounted on the northern wall of David Jones beneath the Governor Macquarie Foundation Stone at the Macquarie Street Barracks which is now on exhibition at the Heritage Centre.


Mr Kennedy advised that he would make appropriate enquiries.


28/10  Methodist Church on Old Windsor Road

Mr McGuirk noted that the old Methodist Church located on Old Windsor Road had recently been sold at auction and questioned whether the new owners were aware the site was heritage listed.


Mr Kennedy responded that any purchase of a Section 149 certificate would have revealed this fact.


29/10  356 Church Street, Parramatta

Elaine Evans noted that Council appeared to have won its court case in regard to 356 Church Street, Parramatta.


Mr Popovic confirmed that Council had won and indicated that the applicant could now come back to Council with a new proposal.


30/10  4 – 6 Hammers Road, Northmead

            Elaine Evans noted that an on site meeting had been scheduled for 1 May 2010 for the subject premises. Apparently a new proposal had been submitted which Ms Evans felt was not much of an improvement on the initial proposal and questioned the necessity of an on site meeting.


            Mr Popovic advised that on site meetings were triggered once a certain number of objections had been received.


31/10  Preservation of Female Factory

            Elaine Evans suggested that any action to preserve the Female Factory should be on a multi faceted front rather than just relying on the Local Member’s petition.




That Council be requested to establish whether there are any plans for the conservation and restoration of the 3rd Class wing of the Parramatta Female Factory within the grounds of the Cumberland Hospital.



            Mr Popovic retired from the meeting at 7.26 pm.



32/10  Information Share

·    Stargazing will be held at Parramatta Park on Saturday, 24 April 2010.

·    Books on the history of Fairfield (Stephen Gapps), Liverpool (Carol Liston) and Experiment Farm have recently been published with a book on Baulkham Hills due out in June.

·    Carol Liston will be an apology for the 16 June 2010 meeting.



The meeting terminated at 7.33 pm.