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ITEM NUMBER         9.5

SUBJECT                   Securing SuperX Opportunity 2010 to 2012

REFERENCE            F2009/01568 - D01507639

REPORT OF              Manager Economic Development        




To seek approval from Council to help to secure the SuperX Australasian Championship events for 2010, 2011, and 2012.




(a)       That Council consider the business case for the attached proposal to help secure a three-year event and to maximise the promotional opportunities associated with the Supercross event to be held at Parramatta Stadium in 2010, 2011, and 2012.


(b)       Further, that Council agree to sponsor the 2010 event with an option for commitment through to 2012, dependent upon an assessment of economic value be undertaken post the event, planning approval be secured for future events, and that the Special Rate continuation be agreed to by the Minister for Local Government.





1.      SuperX is planning to host one of its Australasian competitions in Parramatta on 27 November, 2010, with an expected visitation to Parramatta of 10,000 people.


2.      Planning approval for this event was granted to Parramatta Stadium in 2008 by the NSW Planning Minister and is valid until 7 October 2011. This will mean that any commitment by Council is dependent upon further approval being secured.

3.      SuperX was held Parramatta in 2009 with the economic impact assessed to be at least $1.3 Million. ATTACHMENT 1.

4.      Over half a million television viewers watch the event via Foxsports, Fuel TV and Network Ten in Australia. It is also shown on TVNZ in New Zealand and Australia Network in Asia. 




5.      A number of Councillors have raised their concerns about the local restaurant, café and accommodation sectors which have been experiencing a downturn in their businesses in the current economic climate. This event did have, and will have a positive direct and ongoing economic impact on these sectors.


6.      An analysis undertaken by SuperX (ATTACHMENT 1) estimates the economic impact of the 2009 event totalled nearly $1.4 Million. This is slightly higher than what the Economic Development Team estimated in June 2009 - $1.1 Million - when it sought approval from Council.


7.      Actual validation for this positive impact comes from feedback from two of Parramatta’s major hoteliers who indicated that the 2009 event contributed to between 30% and 40% of their occupancy and turnover during the evening of the event. This equates to approximately $20,000 in direct expenditure.  Extrapolating this further to the 11 Parramatta establishments which provide accommodation of 15 plus rooms would indicate a potential significant boost to this sector alone. It is also reasonable to expect the same impact on restaurants and cafes. 


8.      Media Monitors notes an advertising value for the Parramatta SuperX event at $344,000. This does not include overseas exposure which was secured through Sky and other international channels.

9.      Further direct and ongoing positive economic impact will be achieved due to the broader coverage Parramatta will experience. This is presented in summary in ATTACHMENT 2.


10.    The Economic Development Team will undertake a post-event assessment of economic impact and report back to Council on its findings.

11.    In addition, the Lord Mayor will have the opportunity to invite special guests to the event through the corporate box. This would offer an excellent opportunity to engage with business leaders to discuss current issues and plans. 



12.    There was some opposition raised in 2008, particularly concerning noise. In response to this, it should be noted that as this is a night event it will not conflict with day activities of the park and will only present a small inconvenience, if any, to residents within earshot. Council is not aware of any complaints arising from the Supercross event which was held in 2008 or 2009.  


13.    Support of this proposal commits to an expenditure of $75k over 3 years but this will be contingent upon Council securing an ongoing Economic Development Special Rate.


14.    Some of the sponsorship options require some further expenditure e.g. catering, sign production. We will seek to keep these expenses below $5k.



Michael Thomas

Manager Economic Development


Nick Murphie

Manager Communications and Marketing


Rebecca Grasso

Manager Culture Tourism and Recreation






Economic Impact of 2009 SuperX

42 Pages



Summary Sponsorship Benefits

3 Pages



Letter of Support from the Director of Parramatta Stadium Trust

1 Page





Item 7.1 - Attachment 1

Previous Council Report


Item 7.1 - Attachment 1

Previous Council Report


Summary of Sponsorship Benefits to Parramatta City Council

“Discover Parramatta”

for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Super X Series



Sponsorship Benefits - Summary


•     Official Designations

•     Use of Series Logo

•     Branding / Signage

•     Marketing and Promotion

•     In-program Television Exposure

•     Publications

•     Big Screen

•     Website

•     Tickets

•     Corporate Hospitality


Official Designation

Parramatta City Council has the right to use the following official designations:

•     Host Destination of Super X

•     Official Sponsor of Super X

•     Any other such designations as agreed by both parties.


Use of Series Logo

Parramatta City Council will also have the right to Monster Energy Super X composite logo.



Parramatta City Council will receive a dominant signage package at the Parramatta round positioned to ensure maximum television exposure including:

•     Track Dividers

•     Banners

•     Perimeter  Signage

•     Feathers / Flags


Marketing and Promotion

Parramatta City Council would receive logo recognition on $150,000 worth of promotion and marketing including:

•     Television

•     Newspapers

•     Press Releases

In addition Parramatta will be listed as a venue in all marketing and promotion that in conducted on a National Basis including National television campaign on Foxsports, national Magazine campaign across 8 different titles and our on–line campaign.




In Program Television Exposure

Parramatta City Council will receive significant exposure within the actual telecast over and above the signage that will be positioned to receive maximum exposure. Specifically Parramatta will receive the following in-Program exposure.

•     Broadcast – 30 to 60 second tourism postcard to be shown during the live and highlights broadcast featuring Parramatta and associated benefits of the State (footage and script to be supplied by Parramatta City Council).

•     Commentators will also speak favourably about Parramatta as a tourist destination throughout the telecast and talk about the features of the city (script to be supplied by Parramatta City Council).

•     Parramatta City Council logo at the end of the telecast that is depicted on the following page.



Parramatta City Council will receive the following association:

The official Super X program:

•     One (1) full page colour advertisement.

•     Promotional opportunities.

•     Logo and Parramatta City Council’s website address on the sponsors’ page.


Big Screen Exposure

Parramatta City Council will receive the following exposure at all seven rounds including:

•     Two (2) x thirty (30) second advertisements (ads to be supplied by the Sponsor).


Website –

A major component of our marketing strategy will be centered on the Super X website as a mechanism to inform the fans about every aspect of the series and the address will be heavily promoted throughout our marketing campaign (all artwork to be supplied by the Sponsor):

Parramatta City Council will receive the following website benefits:

•     Banner advertising on a rotational basis.

•     Logo identification associated with the rounds’ track map.

•     Logo identification on the sponsors page with link to Parramatta City Council site.

•     Opportunity to cross promote other events that are taking place at Parramatta.



Parramatta City Council will receive 20 Gold tickets for the Parramatta round of Super X. These tickets can be used at your total discretion including:

•     Consumer promotions.

•     Staff Incentives.

•     Networking.


Corporate Hospitality

Parramatta City Council will receive the following hospitality:

•     1 x Corporate Suite for 18 people in the Ken Thornett Stand. (excluding Food & Beverage).

•     1 x VIP Cark Park Pass





Sponsorship Investment

Supercross Australasia Pty Ltd is committed to the success of the sponsorship program and will work with Parramatta City Council to maximise every possible commercial opportunity.

The total cost of the Sponsorship Package as detailed on the previous pages is:


             2010   $20,000   +  GST       

             2011   $25,000   +  GST

             2012   $30,000   +  GST


Note:  Signage either to be supplied by the Sponsor or if production is required production costs are to be borne by the Sponsor.



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