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Penalty Infringement Review process


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Penalty Infringement Review Process


Administrative role

1.   Letter of representation received from customer via Trim to Service Manager

2.   Acknowledgment letter sent to customer advising that their letter has been received and the circumstances presented will be reviewed

3.   Supervisor or Service Manager access electronic Pin database to obtain copy of Pin, photographs and officer notes

4.   A penalty notice review form is completed which includes customer details, date of issue, penalty notice number, name of issuing officer, details of representation, a copy of the penalty notice and any photographs.

5.   Representation is entered into the log book with the customers name, penalty notice number, date received and offence title

6.   The review form inclusive of all attachments are forwarded to the issuing officer for their comments

Issuing Officer

7.   Issuing officer to provide details of offence and any additional information they may be able to provide such as official notebook entries.

Administrative role

8.   Once the officer has completed the review form it is then forwarded to the review  panel for review by each party.

Review panel (three)

9.   Each review panel member completes the review form as to wether they believe the penalty should stand, that the circumstances justify a caution in lieu of the penalty or the penalty notice should be withdrawn.

Administrative role

10. Further information may be required from the customer or the officer by the review panel and the administrative person is required to organise additional information by contacting the customer or officer.

11. Meetings of the panel members are organised by the administrative person.

12. Once the review is complete a reply letter is prepared and sent to the customer advising them of the outcome of the review.

13. An email is sent to the State Debt Recovery Office advising them that council has undertaken a review on behalf of the customer and the outcome/findings

14. The findings are then entered into the log book and the electronic spreadsheet data base.

15. All review documentation is saved into the Trim document management system

16. All hard copy information relating to the review is then filed

17. The review is finalised


After the review period there may be further contact from the customer if they are not satisfied with the findings. This contact may be through correspondence or by telephone.  This is managed through the administrative role, Unit Manager and Service Manager.