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Recruitment and Selection Policy





Recruitment and Selection Policy


A complete guide will continue to be rolled out with the Recruitment Training for managers.




·     Scope

·     Purpose

·     Policy

·     Procedure





Recruitment and selection at Parramatta Council is delegated to managers from Level 4 to Level 1 and can be administered by a delegated person.  See Interim Delegations Policy.


This policy provides the necessary information for delegated persons to recruit the best person for the role.


The role of the Human Resource Department is one of support and expertise which the line manager can access to enhance the overall process.





Parramatta Council is committed to a consistent and professional approach to recruitment and selection practices. This ensures that we identify suitable candidates, and select those who best “fit” into roles which utilize their skills, and provide the potential employee with an opportunity for personal satisfaction and challenge.





Parramatta City Council is committed to recruitment practices that are fair and equitable. This is achieved by ensuring that:

·     recruitment is based on the applicant's ability to perform the job

·     Parramatta City Council and its employees practice equal opportunity for employment

·     all applicants are treated in a professional and ethical manner throughout the entire recruitment process







Each stage of the recruitment process must be carefully considered and decisions should be based on best practice and Parramatta City Council's guidelines.

As a hiring manager, you need to be aware of legal as well as ethical and moral considerations.  Please refer to PCC’s EEO policy and Code of Conduct.


Before proceeding with the recruitment and selection process, the line manager must ensure that an appointment is within the approved staffing establishment or budget. Should the position be additional to the approved staffing establishment or budget, a business case must be submitted to the next level manager. (see ‘Request to Employ’ form)


Ø Understanding the Job


Understanding the role that has become vacant in your area is imperative in the recruitment process. We often think that because the position has become vacant, it must be filled immediately and in the same capacity. This may not always be the case.


A vacant position provides you with an opportunity to re-assess and/or

re-design the role. When doing this you might consider other options such as:

·     Changing the work

·     Changing the hours

·     Change how the work is organised

·     Changing the work environment

·     Consider the need to replace


Ø Workplace Reform



Issues that relate to job redesign, hours of work, change of work types must be subject to a Council’s process for workplace reform. The workplace reform template can be found on the intranet under HR Parra Managers.


The scope of the Workplace Reform Sub-Committee includes proposals to:

·     Vary a positions hours of work;

·     Redesign jobs;

·     Re-organise / restructure the way work is undertaken within a particular unit / team / division; and

·     Evaluation of new positions.


The sub-committee makes recommendations to the Consultative Committee for consideration.


Staffing options


Established positions can be filled in various ways. The options include:

·     Permanent appointment

·      Temporary appointments and Term Contracts

·      Job share

·      Casual engagement

·      Relief duties

·      External or internal secondment

·      Contract basis

·      Agency staff

Further information on each of these options is outlined in the Recruitment Guidelines rolled out with the Recruitment Training for managers in March 2005.


Ø Advertising


It is imperative that all new and vacant positions are advertised internally to ensure that we provide our people with the opportunity to progress and develop their careers. 


External advertising is preferable after an internal advertisement but can also be in conjunction with your internal advertising. This enables you to source a wide pool of applicants in a timely manner.


All external advertising is done through Adcorp.


Ø Recruiting Candidates with a Disability


Parramatta Council is an EEO workplace and provides opportunities for candidates with disabilities. The ability of the potential employees must be evaluated against what the position requires and an assessment of any enhancements should be identified.


If recruiting for people with a disability through an agency, a workplace assessment must be conducted.


Ø Employment Checks


Prior to making an offer of employment, there are a number of employment checks that need to be carried out. These consist of but are not restricted to:

·     Reference Check – for all positions

·     Working rights / VISA check – where applicable

·     Working with Children Check – for all positions that have been identified as child


·     Pre-employment medical check – only for positions that have been identified as high risk







Code of Conduct


Working with Children Policy


Interim Delegations


EEO Policy


Request to Employ form


Recruitment Guidelines