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 Cycleways Advisory Committee Minutes 6 April 2010






John Holstein in the Chair and Darryn Capes Davis, Michael Goard (arrived 6.07pm), Pam Kendrick, Ian Macindoe, Peter Dixon, Peter Gilbert and Richard Birdsey




Myfanwy Lawrence (Project Officer-Transport) David Gray (Senior Project Officer-Transport) Marcelo Occhiuzzi (Manager Land Use and Transport Planning, Wendy Reed (Project Officer. Environmental Outcomes) and Joy Bramham (Minute Clerk)


1. Welcome and Introductions

The Chair Person, John Holstein welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Wendy Reed.


2. Apologies

Apologies were received and noted from Brain Ford, Anthony DeVries, Katherine Stone, Adam Cook (Supervisor. Landscape-Architecture) and James Smallhorn (Supervisor Open Space)  


Note: Michael Goard arrived that the meeting at 6:07pm during consideration of this matter.


3. Confirmation of Pervious Minutes

A copy of the Minutes of the Cycleways Advisory Committee meeting held on 2 March 2010 had previously been forwarded to each member.


That the Minutes of the meeting of the Access Advisory Committee held on 2 March 2010 be taken as read and confirmed with the following changes:-

- Darren Cape Davis and Anthony DeVries to be added as apologies.

- BNSW MOU date should read 22 February 2010.


4. Declarations of Conflict of Interest

Peter Dixon declared a pecuniary interest in Item 6.2 c as DECCW is the funding body for the Stream Watch Project.


5.  M2 Alternative Route

John Holstein attended a meeting with Transurban, Bicycle NSW, Bike North and the RTA. This meeting discussed the alternate route which will go on public exhibition on the 19th April. The Committee discussed its response to this exhibition. All submissions should be forwarded to Bike North to be submitted during the public exhibition period as, Bike North has been coordinating responses to Transurban previously.

6. Cycleway Construction Project 2009/2010



6.1 Federal Projects

Adam Cook gave his apologies, there are no new further updates regarding Federal Projects at this time.


6.2 Council Projects


a.            O’Connell Street

Construction of a shared pedestrian/cyclepath along the eastern footpath of O’Connell Street, from George Street to Albert Street, Parramatta, has been included in Council’s Local Bicycle Facilities Program for the current financial year and a design for these works is currently being prepared. T e path will be progressively constructed as funds become available. The exact length of cycleway to be constructed this financial year is dependant on the availability of funds upon Council seeking quotes for the work.


A plan of the proposed works can be viewed either on Council’s website, or at the Parramatta City Council Administration Building.


b.           Marsden Road

Public consultation regarding the shared path along Marsden Road, between Pennant Hills Rd and Rickard St, is currently underway. One resident has opposed the shared path and has notified Ward Councillors of their opposition.


c.            Camellia Cycle Route

Public consultation regarding the proposed cycle route linking the M4 cycle route with the Camellia and Clyde industrial areas is currently underway.This route will include a separated cycleway along Kay St, Camellia to provide a safe environment for cyclists in an industrial area where trucks are common.


Design plans regarding the project can be viewed at Parramatta City Council Administration or Councils website -


This project is is part of the  ‘TBL: A model for industrial sustainability in the Duck River Catchment’ or more commonly referred to as the ‘Streamline’ sustainable business program, is being conducted through a partnership between Auburn and Parramatta City Councils and is funded through a $1.3million NSW Environmental Trust grant.


In the interests of improving cycleway connections within the Camellia and Clyde industrial area it is proposed to install a cycleway link on the following streets: Kendall – on-road logos; Martha – line marking and logos on existing route; Wentworth – off-road shared path; Kay and Unwin Streets – separated on-road bi-directional cycle path. 

The Committee asked if there would be a formalized link to Clyde station. Council officers advised that this is part of the bike plan and will be constructed as funding becomes available.


Action -

1. Pam Kendrick to endorse, on behalf of the Committee, the Camellia Cycleway proposal when it is presented  to the April Traffic Committee.  


NOTE: Peter Dixon declared a pecuniary interest in this matter as DECCW is the funding body for the Stream Watch Project. He did not take part in the discussion. 


7. Traffic Committee Items

Pam Kendrick discussed the instillation of rumble bars in the gutter at Tulong Ave, Outlands. The Committee suggested the instillation  a slow point at the intersection.


8. Cycle Route Mapping Project

The stocktake template will be resent to all Committee members with the minutes of the meeting. Completed forms are to be returned to Myfanwy Lawrence by 1 June 2010. The audit is a record of facilities which are currently installed, their location and condition.



2. Committee members are to return Completed forms to Myfanwy Lawrence by 1 June 2010.


9. Promotion

The Committee broke for a workshop led by John Holstein and Richard Birdsey to discuss cycle promotion.

The following points were discussed -

· The capacity of the Committee – what members and their networks can offer.

· Who will be the target audience for cycle promotion in Parramatta Local Government Area?

· What should be the Committee’s short, medium and long term goals and outcomes?

· Areas which could be useful for cycle promotion -

· Events

· Mapping

· Training



3. Richard Birsdey is to collate notes from this discussion and distribute to all members of the Committee.

4. That a Ride to Work Day working party be established to expand the event. Myfanwy Lawrence to include this item on the June meeting agenda.


10. General Business

Several bicycle maintenance issues were raised. Members were asked to log these as service requests so they can be tracked. 


Meeting Closed 7:50pm