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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee minutes 23 March 2010








Doug Desjardines in the Chair and Donna Astill, Councillor Paul Barber (retired 7.18 pm), Marcia Donovan, Shalini Kumari (arrived 6.40 pm), Lyn Leerson, Councillor Chiang Lim (arrived 6.27 pm), Linda McDonald, Annie Nielsen (arrived 6.18 pm), Phil Russo, Anne Stonham, David Williams (arrived 6.18 pm) and Doug Wilson.





Robin Bradfield – Convenor, Grant Davies – Minute Clerk, Shanene Hogg (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Project Officer – retired 7.18 pm), John McInerney (Service Manager – Community Capacity Building) and Matt Wingrave (Epic Events and Conferences – retired 7.18 pm).






Doug Desjardines made a Welcome to Country, recognising that the land upon which the meeting was being held is Dharug and paying respect to Elders past and present.




The Committee welcomed Mr Matt Wingrave from Epic Conferences and Events.




An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Bruce Astill, Phil Bradley, Bruce Gale, Gilson Saunders, Tony Scrolls and Greg Stonham.




There were no conflicts of interest at this meeting.


5     LGAN 2010 PLANNING – Theme – Supporting Young Leaders


Matt Wingrave from Epic Conferences and Events gave a brief overview of the works to be undertaken by Epic. Works included assistance with registration, sponsorship, marketing, logistics and programming of speakers (with input from the Committee).



Mr Wingrave advised that venues for the conference had been investigated (2 Parramatta Hotels and Rosehill Gardens) with Sebel Parramatta being suggested based on location, ease of access and price.


A comparison between each hotel was distributed and it was noted that Rosehill Gardens had a significantly higher per day charge and room hire rate. In addition, transport would be required to and from Rosehill. The difference in price between the 2 venues amounted to approximately $14,000.




That Sebel Parramatta be accepted as the venue for the LGAN Conference 2010.



David Williams arrived at the meeting at 6.18pm.


Content of Workshops

A brainstorming session was held on possible presenters/workshops to be held at the conference which included suggestions from the Community Capacity Building Team.


Possibilities included:-



·    AIME – Australian Indigenous Mentoring Enterprises

·    Generation One

·    State Land Council Youth Program

·    Department of Education

·    Way Ahead Mentoring

·    N Cap

·    Aboriginal Enterprise Development Program

·    UWS – Indigenous Student Program

·    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee

·    Attorney General’s Department

·    Caine Carroll – Department of Fair Trading

·    Matt Lewis – Ermington West Principal



Councillor C X Lim arrived at the meeting at 6.27 pm.



·    RTA Kays Driving Program

·    Macquarie Legal Centre – Youth Court Support Program

·    Legal Aid – Court Support – Women and Children

·    Chris Bourke – Strong Young Deadly.


Effective Services

·    Walomi – Stand alone transport program

·    Westmead Health

·    Close the Gap Program

·    NSW Police

·    Department of Corrective Services

·    AECG

·    DEEWR

·    Jeff Lord

·    Marie Wilson




·    NAISDA – Dance Program

·    Danny and Jamie Eastwood

·    Artists Studios Indigenous Exchange Program




·    Eels indigenous players

·    Lloyd McDermott

·    Close the Gap

·    Wenty Sports Group

·    Granville Kewpies Soccer Club



·    Mark Ella Hostel

·    Department of Housing



Shalini Kumari arrived at the meeting at 6.40 pm.




(a)  That each of the above individuals/organisations, with the possible exception of AIME, be provided with advice on the conference and their involvement be invited.

(b)  That proposed participants be requested to focus on the theme of the conference.


Sponorship and Stallholders

A brainstorming session was held on possible sponsors/stallholders. It was agreed that stall holders should be based around service delivery. It was also noted that the LGAN Executive must approve any sponsors and Council would also need to be notified to ensure that any sponsorship did not conflict with existing sponsorship agreements.



·    Community Relations Commission

·    Department of Defence

·    Department of Veteran Affairs

·    Shell

·    Coca Cola

·    Sydney water

·    UWS

·    Peters

·    Chamber of Commerce

·    RailCorp

·    Airlines



·    Social Ventures Australia

·    Sydney Catchment Management Authority

·    NSW Attorney General’s Department

·    Department of Defence

·    Department of Veteran Affairs

·    Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait

·    DEEWR

·    Eels

·    AFL

·    Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Program


The Committee also agreed that 8 to 10 tables with appropriate seating should be provided at the Civic Reception to be held on the first evening of the conference.


Day Trips

John McInerney noted that Prospect Hill was located outside the LGA.


The significance of this location was noted and it was agreed that it would be retained as a Day Trip site.




That the Day Trip include a visit to Prospect Hill, Parramatta Girls Training School and Lake Parramatta.



Councillor P Barber, Shanene Hogg and Matt Wingrave retired from the meeting at 7.18 pm.




A copy of the minutes of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee Meeting held on 23 February 2010 had previously been forwarded to each member.




That the minutes of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee Meeting held on 23 February 2010 be taken as a true record of the meeting subject to “Diane Astill” being altered to read “Donna Astill”.





Phil Russo sought advice as to whether the correspondence requested at the previous meeting to be forwarded to the Minister in relation to the non display of NAIDOC posters by RailCorp had occurred as yet.


John McInerney advised that the letter would be drafted, sent to the Lord Mayor for his signature and forwarded in the near future. He added that Council’s Events Section had again written to RailCorp but had not received a response.




That an update on this issue be provided at the next meeting.



Parramatta Correctional Centre

Phil Russo asked whether asked whether the WorkCover inspection had been undertaken as yet.


John McInerney advised that letters had been drafted and, upon approval by the Lord Mayor,  would be sent shortly.


Phil Russo requested, as summer was drawing to a close, the matter be expedited as the issue was of great concern to the Committee.


Doug Desjardines suggested that Mr Marney may be able to assist.


Executive Committee

A copy of Council’s recent resolution pertaining to the membership of the Executive Committee was circulated to members.


Anne Stonham noted with concern the suggestion that membership ‘not be through genetics but by wisdom and leadership’.


Councillor Lim, as the mover of the particular motion, noted it was clear that the Executive needed to be Indigenous due to sensitive issues that may need to be discussed. He indicated that his difficulty had been with the phrase “all Indigenous members of the Committee as Executive Members.” He wished the Committee to decide on which members it wished to have on the Executive Committee.




That this matter be deferred pending the attendance at the meeting by the Committee’s Chair and Deputy Chair.


Aboriginal Employment Strategy

John McInerney noted that the Committee had previously held discussions in relation to a 2% State Government requirement for the employment of Indigenous Persons. Clarification had been sought as to whether this figure was mandatory for local government and the Council’s HR Manager had been invited to attend a meeting to address this issue.


Since that time, the HR Manager had resigned and a new incumbent had now been appointed.


Councillor Lim suggested that regardless of the mandatory requirements, all Council positions should be sent to Aboriginal Recruitment Agencies.


Phil Russo also sought information on why Aboriginal Staff seemed to be turned over so quickly. He noted that the Committee had also requested that Executive Committee sit it on relevant interviews and referred to the desire for Aboriginal Staff to attend Executive and Committee meetings.


Councillor Lim then referred to the need for the preparation of a ‘wish list’ by the Committee of issues that it wished to achieve.


Linda McDonald advised such a list had been prepared during the time of Ms Pinckham’s involvement with the Committee.




It be noted that the new Manager Human Resources has been invited to attend the April Meeting of the Committee.




Mount Druitt Walk and Concert

Lyn Leerson advised that the Mt Druitt and District Reconciliation Group would be holding a concert, barbeque and walk commencing at 12 noon on 22 May 2010 at Mt Druitt Square.


Domestic Violence Against Kids Campaign

Robin Bradfield advised that a letter in support of this Campaign would be sent to the Parramatta Eels in the near future, subject to approval by Council.


Indigenous Education Action Plan

Robin Bradfield distributed correspondence to Members from Mr Phillip Bradley in relation to the Indigenous Education Action Plan.


Use of the name “Indigenous’

Linda McDonald advised that at a recent meeting of the AECG, it had been decided to use the name “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander“ in future rather than the term “Indigenous.”



John McInerney noted that NAIDOC Week was fast approaching and sought advice as to whether the Committee would like to allocate a time slot at future meetings to discuss this issue.


The success of the previously formed sub committee to consider this issue was noted.




(a)       That a Sub Committee consisting of Donna Astill, Doug Desjardines, Bruce Gale, Shalini Kumari, Lyn Leerson, Linda McDonald, Phil Russo, Anne Stonham and Doug Wilson  be formed to address the issue of NAIDOC Week and to subsequently report back to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee.


(b)       The first meeting of the Sub Committee be set down for Tuesday, 13 April 2010.



Greek Flag Raising Ceremony

It was noted that Bruce Gale had carried out the Welcome to Country at a recent Greek Flag Raising Ceremony where the Aboriginal Flag had not been flown. Mr Gale had requested that this matter be discussed at the next meeting.




This issue be addressed at the next meeting of the Committee.


Fighting for Lake Parramatta

Doug Desjardines advised that a contact number for Gary Carter could be obtained by contacting the office of Ms Tanya Gadiel MP.


Flying of Torres Strait Islander Flag in Council Chamber

Doug Desjardines questioned whether Council had recently passed a resolution in relation to the flying of the Torres Strait Islander Flag in the Council Chamber.


John McInerney advised that he understood a Councillor had referred to the Torres Strait Islander Flag and had been asked whether Council had any Torres Strait Islanders on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee. There was no actual resolution, however, passed on the issue.


Next Meeting

Members are reminded that the next meeting of the Committee will be held on 20 April 2010 to avoid a clash with the Council Meeting which is to be held on 27 April 2010.



The meeting terminated at 7.55 pm.