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Access Advisory Committee Minutes 15 December 2009






Leonie Clarke, Jim Grainda, Debbie Manuel, John Moxon and Duy Quang Nguyen




John McInerney – Acting Service Manager Community Capacity Building Team, Tanya Owen – Community Capacity Building Officer and Joy Bramham – Administration Officer.




John McInerney welcomed everyone to the new Access Committee and introduced new member Duy Quang Nguyen and the new convenor of the committee Tanya Owen from the Community Capacity Building Team.




There were no apologies received for this meeting




There were no declarations made regarding conflict of interest at this meeting.


4. Election of Chair and Deputy Chair Persons


John McInerney called for nominations for the position of Chair Person.


The nominations received for Chairperson, in alphabetical order, were:-


(1)       John Moxon


There being no further nominations, John McInerney declared John Moxon duly elected as Chair Person for the next 12 Months.


John McInerney called for nominations for the position of Deputy Chair Person.


The nominations received for Chairperson, in alphabetical order, were:-


(1)       Debbie Manuel 


There being no further nominations, John McInerney declared Debbie Manuel duly elected as Chair Person for the next 12 Months



That John Moxon and Debbie Manuel be confirmed as the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Access Committee for the next 12 months.



5.1 Contacting former members of the committee


John McInerney indicated that he had attempted to contact Phillip Cornwall and David Powell but had been unable to contact them. Expression of Interest Packs had been sent to them but they had not reapplied. The committee indicated that they would be welcome to apply for membership at a future date if they so wished.


5.2 International Day for People with Disabilities


The International Day for People with Disability was on 3 December 2009. John McInerney indicated that the event was very well attended and thanked the committee and Chris McAlpine for their efforts in planning the event. 


The Lord Mayor, Councillor Paul Garrard, spoke at the event and launched the wheelchair rugby team. John McInerney indicated that many service providers attended and used the event as a networking opportunity.


5.3 Westfield Carpet


John McInerney stated that the Access committee had previously drafted a letter to Parramatta Westfield’s dated 9 February 2009 to which there has been no response. He also indicated that Council has advised that Advisory committees cannot advocate on matters that Council are not responsible for unless by Council Resolution.


The Committee discussed the fact that the carpets on levels 3 and 4 of Westfield do not meet the standards for underlay or pile. It was also discussed that the carpets are necessary to help reduce the noise in the shopping centre.


RECOMENDATION (Grainda/Clarke)


That Council write to Parramatta Westfield’s on behalf of the Access Committee in relation to:-


(a) The carpets on Levels 3 and 4 restrict access, especially for manual wheelchairs and should comply with the industry standards in regard to underlay and pile length.

(b) The noise levels in Parramatta Westfield’s should comply to industry standards and that measures should be taken to dampen noise.


5.4 Automatic ramps at Parramatta Train Station


The committee discussed the instillation of automatic ramps from trains to the platform for Parramatta station. John Moxon stated that this has been an issue for over 20 years and is not a priority for CityRail due to numerous problems including:-


 -          The reliability of automatic ramps

-                       Ramps would have to be built into the trains rather than the platforms due to different train designs and the inability to always stop at exactly the same spot.

-           Platforms do not have a uniform height.




That Council write to CityRail on behalf of the Access Committee recommending that CityRail look at incorporating automatic ramps, suitable for all platforms into future train designs


5.5 Free Travel Cards


Duy Quang requested more information regarding free and concession travel cards. John McInerney indicated that Northcott should have the available information and forms.


John Moxon indicated that the $2.50 travel pass, taxi vouchers and parking authority permit were also available. 


5.6 Letter form Tony Stewart MP


Duy Quang indicated that he has made representation to Tony Stewart MP regarding access at Yagoona and Lidcombe Stations and received the following advice:-

That Yagoona and Lidcombe stations are not on the forward planning agenda for access related upgrades, however there is a long term plan to make all stations accessible and that is being rolled out to Hub stations and through heavily frequented lines and stations.  


5.7 Corner of Harris and Crown Streets, Harris Park


Leonie Clarke stated that the corner of Harris and Crown Streets is dangerous for pedestrians, especially as it is near a nursing home. 



That John McInerney investigate with David Gray – Senior Project Officer-Transport to see if this corner has already been investigated for work / remediation.

If this is not the case, That the Traffic committee investigate the possibility of installing a pedestrian crossing with refuge island at the corner of Crown and Harris Streets, Harris Park.


5.8 Review of Public Domain Details for Disability Access


John McInerney circulated copies of the report “Review of Public Domain Details for Disability Access” from Eric Martin and stated that Kati Westlake - Senior Project Officer-Urban Design would be attending the next meeting to get comments. The committee suggested that Eric Martin could also be invited.

Several members of the committee noted that the report was difficult to read as it was a technical document, but also that the font size was too small, and that the freehand diagrams where difficult to see.


ACTION: John McInerney to invite Eric Martin to the next Access Committee.


5.9 Communicating with the Hearing Impaired


Leonie Clarke tabled an information sheet on communication with the hearing impaired.


ACTION: John McInerney to circulate information sheet to committee members and to the community care unit to post on notice boards.


5.10 Arts and Disability NSW


John McInerney received correspondence from Donna Mosford regarding consultation in regard to access to the arts for people with disabilities. The report, Speak Up: Arts and Disabilities Priorities in NSW, references Parramatta, however the covering letter refers to Manly.


ACTION: Joy Bramham to send copies of the report out to committee members.


5.11 Footpaths in Parramatta


Duy Quang Nguyen raised the issues of footpaths in Parramatta. John Moxon stated that the condition of footpaths would be covered in the report by Eric Martin on design standards. John McInerney agreed and stated that in the future all new and maintained footpaths would be built to the standard. 


5.12 Disability Authority Pass


Duy Quang Nguyen enquired how to obtain a parking authorisation permit. John Moxon advised that the GP could provide a form.


5.13 Parking in Westfield


Duy Quang Nguyen enquired about disabled parking in Parramatta Westfield’s. John Moxon explained that there is plenty of free disabled parking if the parking ticket is validated with an appropriate parking authority.


5.14 Proposed meeting times for 2010


The committee agreed to meet on the third Tuesday bimonthly on even numbered months. The dates being:-


Tuesday 16 February 2010

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Tuesday 22 June 2010 (15 June is a Council Meeting due to the Queens Birthday)

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Tuesday 21 December 2010


5.15 Evac Plus Chair in Council Chambers


The committee suggested that Council investigate having evacuation chairs installed in the stairwell of the Council Chambers Building to use in case of fore where the lifts are not operational.




 5:30pm Tuesday 16 February 2010

Meeting Rooms 1 & 2

Council Chambers Building 


The meeting concluded at 6:50 pm