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Development Application Variations under SEPP 1 - September 2009


Development Application Variations under SEPP 1 September 2009



DA No:


Category of development:

Environmental Planning Instrument

Development standard to be varied

Justification of variation

Extent of Variation

Date DA determined


1 Ferris Street, North Parramatta


PLEP 2001, SREP No. 28

Clause 40 1(a) Floor Space Ratio.

Clause 57 Car Parking

Floor Space Ratio

The proposed variation relates to the maximum floor area required for the construction of buildings within the employment 4 zone. The maximum floor space ratio for the construction of a building in the Employment 4 Zone is 1:1. The FSR for the development is 1.68:1. The proposed building is small scale and of a height, type, design and scale that is entirely compatible with the established context of existing industrial buildings around it. The non compliance with the standard does not produce a building that is in any way out of the ordinary in its context.


Car Parking

The proposed variation also requests that approval be granted for 15 car spaces despite the SREP allowing a maximum of 6 car spaces for a development of this type. Compliance with the development standard would not achieve the objectives of the SREP because it is unlikely that additional car parking will cause a modal shift away from public transport.

FSR requirement 1:1

Proposed 1.68:1

Car parking requirement 6 spaces

Proposed 15 spaces

14 September 2009