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ITEM NUMBER         13.1

SUBJECT                   Policies and Accountability Systems with Council

REFERENCE            F2005/02435 - D01312392

REPORT OF              Councillor J Chedid        



To be Moved by Councillor J Chedid


(a) That the CEO provide a detailed report on the policies and accountability systems implemented since early 2008, and how they apply to the Local Government Association and Department of Local Government.


(b) That the CEO provide a report of the list of policies recommended by the Department of Local Government and the Local Government Association over the last two (2) years, including how many policies have been implemented by Parramatta City Council and which ones are on hold.


(c) Further that a report including comparisons of the Parramatta Council policies demonstrating accountability, transparency and probity to a similar sized Council and the City of Sydney Council such report to include advice on how Council presently measures its policies, their success or failures and how they reflect on today’s overall environment, workplace environment and community together with what, if any recommendations CEO advocates to ensure Council meet current trends for the Parramatta environment in relation to policy and accountability.








We have an obligation as the elected body in reviewing our policies and ensuring that our policies are up to date and that the proper accountability systems are in place. This is to ensure provision of best practice and services, and to ensure that Parramatta City Council is not exposed to poor or outdated practices.




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