Item 9.5 - Attachment 2

Morton Street Timetables


Timelines for Consideration of Rezoning of 2 Morton Street, Parramatta


Consideration of residential development of the site at 2 Morton Street commenced in March 2002 with the owners of the time, approaching Council about the potential to rezone the site from an industrial to residential use.  Since that time:

§   In February 2003, Council considered a report into the rezoning and resolved to conduct a Councillor workshop to discuss details associated with the rezoning of the site.  This was conducted on 27 August 2003.

§   A further report was considered by Council on 21 June 2004 which resolved to defer the matter to be considered as part of Council’s residential development strategy (RDS) preparation in addition to considering the wider precinct as the area for future consideration.  The RDS process indicated that this precinct would be investigated for future development. 

§   A further report was considered by Council on 23 May 2005 at which time Council reinforced its position that the rezoning of the land should not be considered ahead of the RDS process in addition to the request that the applicant prepare design guidelines for the precinct and identification of public benefit to be gained as part of this rezoning.

§   On 29 August 2005, Council endorsed the RDS centres mapping which identified the Morton Street precinct as an area for potential future residential development.  Further to this, a workshop was conducted on 18 September 2006, part of the purpose of which was to enable the landowners to present their intentions for the site. 

§   On 23 July 2007, Council adopted the planning controls for the precinct which resulted from the urban design analysis of the precinct.

§   On 27 August 2007, Council adopted the DCP for the precinct.

§   On 29 October 2007, Council adopted in principle, a draft VPA for the site which was to be exhibited for public comment concurrent with the rezoning of the land as part of the wider draft LEP.

§   On 23 March 2008, a workshop was conducted between Council and the landowner (Fraser’s Development Group) to discuss options for considering the future development of the site.

§   On 23 March 2009, Council endorsed the draft planning controls for the site for the purposes of public exhibition.