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Attachment 1 - Schedule of Proposed Changes


Attachment 1


Policy on Outdoor Dining

Schedule of Proposed Changes


Comments in Previous Report

Workshop Proposals

Comments on Workshop Proposals


minor tidy up to wording/grammar/spelling correction




minor tidy up to wording/grammar/spelling correction




Addition of reference to performance monitoring




grammar/spelling correction




minor tidy up to wording




minor tidy up to wording




Revised heading to read “Urban Design Guidelines and Assessment Criteria “




Additional advice to assist applicants on submission requirements




New sub-clause headed “Temporary Structures for Weather Protection” as a guide to good urban design




New sub-clause previously numbered as Clause 2.6 “Assessment Criteria”




grammar/spelling correction and minor tidy up to wording




new heading to read “Access to Council Infrastructure” which alerts approval holders to the possible need from time to time for Council staff and equipment to have access to public infrastructure at the outdoor dining site and also introduces a guideline for limiting the size of these structures




The addition of a requirement to supply a line of sight diagram with all development applications

A disabled access audit is currently being conducted across the LGA. When the results of this audit are available it is expected that in most locations kerbside trading will be required to ensure that safe access for disabled persons is available against the building structure. The policy will be worded to allow for this outcome


It is considered that the draft  policy wording would cover


additional minor wording changes reflecting expectations of disabled access audit




minor tidy up to wording




(included in 1st policy draft )

Brass markers or similar would be used to identify leased area on pavements



minor tidy up to wording

Development applications submitted for awnings for outdoor dining on Councils pavement will be the subject of a merit assessment and will only be approved by Council. Safety is paramount and awnings will be considered subject to the structure being assessed as safe by an independent structural engineer if deemed necessary. A road safety audit will be required if outdoor dining is to be considered for approval close to street intersections and or pedestrian crossings. Awning will also be considered on aesthetic grounds including the relationship of the proposed structure to nearby heritage buildings, scale and the appropriateness to the streetscape/ general locale.


Incorporated in attached policy wording


Minor wording change




Minor wording change




additional wording covering increase in patron numbers with emphasis on BCA requirements including infrastructure and fire safety.




minor tidy up to wording relating to guide dogs




Adding requirement that operators to display suitable signage indicating that smoking is permitted in the public area


Permit holders will be asked to consider no smoking zones and where smoking is permitted by permit holders, approved signage is to be displayed and ashtrays of a design and standard prescribed in the policy are to be provided by the permit holders

It is considered desirable that where permit holders decide to permit smoking that it they be required to display appropriate signage and accordingly this has been incorporated in attached policy wording


minor tidy up to wording

Permit holders are to be responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the area of Council`s pavement occupied

Included in 1st policy draft



Public liability for $10m will apply to each area occupied under permit.


Included in 1st policy draft


Change to billing schedule from half yearly to quarterly with common expiry date

Common expiry dates for permits will be quarterly with colour coding of permits in premises windows to facilitate this.

Incorporated in attached policy wording


Security Deposit Bond




New  clause introducing performance monitoring to be considered in approval renewals

In the case of non compliance by permit holders, an initial suspension of the permit for 1 week will be incurred and if further non compliance occurs, then a 3 months suspension will be incurred,


Incorporated in attached policy wording


minor tidy up to wording




Additional wording now added to assist applicants