Item 7.2 - Attachment 2

Attachment 2 - Letter to Minister for Planning


                                                                                                                        Your Reference:         

                                                                                          Our Reference:            F2005/01081

                                                                                          Contact:         Ms Sue Weatherley

                                                                                          Telephone:      9806 5101

                                                                                          Fax:              9806 5913


The Hon Kristina Kenneally MP

Minster for Planning

GPO Box 5341

SYDNEY 2001                                                                29 June 2009



Dear Minister



Joint Regional Planning Panel – Council Nomination



I am writing to you in response to your letter of 11 May 2009 requesting  that Council nominate two (2) member for the proposes Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP).  Council at its meeting on 22 June resolved that it will not nominate members to the JRPP until such time as guidelines and codes of conduct are made available to Council and issues relating to conflicts of interest have been resolved.


Council also request that the Minister delay the implementation of the JRPP until Council has adequate time to consider the implications of these codes and to obtain and consider legal advice on the potential for conflicts of interest.


Council also wishes to draw to your attention that Parramatta City Council has a Central Parramatta            Planning Committee and requests that this committee be given the same statutory powers as the City of Sydney’s CPP and that this Committee be empowered to consider those developments that would otherwise be considered by the JRPP


I would request your urgent consideration of the Council’s request.  Please contact me on 9806 5326 if you need any further information.



Yours sincerely





Dr Robert Lang

Chief Executive Officer