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Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee Meeting on 19 August 2009






Carol Liston in the Chair, Shylie Brown, Elaine Evans, Ruth Evans, Janice Huntington, Anne Mathews, Bill McGuirk, David Shakespeare and Mark Viner (General Manager of Properties - Historic Houses Trust NSW).






Grant Davies (Minute Clerk) and Paul Kennedy (Project Officer).






There were no Conflict of Interest Declarations at this meeting.






45/09 Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes – 17 June 2009

A copy of the Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 17 June 2009 had previously been forwarded to each member.


Recommendation (B McGuirk/S Brown)

That the minutes of the meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 17 June 2009 be taken as read and confirmed as a true record of the meeting.





46/09  Role and Function of Committee

As advised at the Meeting on 17 June 2009 (Minute No. 31/09), advertisements had been placed in local papers seeking applications for appointment to the Heritage Advisory Committee with interest being required to be registered by 7 August 2009.


Paul Kennedy indicated that he would report to the Council Meeting to be held on 28 September 2009 on applications received and Council would make a decision on the appointment of new members to the Committee.


The newly appointed Committee would then meet in October.








47/09  Feedback from Council


The Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee Meeting held on 17 June 2009 had been placed before Council on 27 July 2009 and were received and noted.


48/09  Heritage Information for Council’s Website

Information had been distributed at the previous meeting (Minute No. 35/09 refers) and comments sought from members on content and format.


Paul Kennedy advised that comments had been received from a number of members and during further discussions, the following issues were raised:-

·    Should Parramatta be referred to as a Convict Town rather than an Army Town (S Brown)?

·    Need for a consistent spelling of “Darug”.

·    Toongabbie to be mentioned in terms of agricultural settlement (Paul directed members to the Title “Parramatta’s European Heritage”.

·    Possible inclusion of illustrations. Paul distributed copies of pictures that would be included.

·    Information on time line should refer to Native Institution rather than School of Aboriginal.

·    The inclusion of a section indicating the origins of place names would be beneficial.


Carol Liston advised that attempts would be made to forward her comments in the next week but added that clarification of the web page format would also be appreciated.


49/09  Local Heritage Fund Applications

The Committee was extremely pleased with the quality of the applications being received and the work being carried out under the Local Heritage Fund, such work adding much value to the properties and their areas.


Four (4) applications had been received for consideration at this meeting as follows:-


1.         Linden House – 2 Smith Street, Parramatta – repair of shingle roof as recommended in Museum Preservation Needs report.


Recommendation (Shakespeare/ E Evans)

That funds in the amount of $1000 be granted.



2.         40 Tomah Street, Carlingford – exterior painting and replacement of rotted veranda panels.


Recommendation (Shakespeare/McGuirk)

That funds in the amount of $2000 be granted.



3.         69 Weston Street, Harris Park – erection of replacement picket fence.


Recommendation (S Brown/A Mathews)

That funds in the amount of $1000 be granted.


4.         98 Harris Street, Harris Park – replace sections of gutter and paint all exterior surfaces.


Recommendation (Huntington/R Evans)

That funds in the amount of $2000 be granted.


50/09  Parramatta Stories Project

In the absence of Ms Desailly, this matter was deferred to the next meeting, however, it was noted that the Sentry Box had been completed and was noticeable and colourful.


Recommendation  (Liston/S Brown)

That all persons involved in the Sentry Box project be congratulated on their efforts.


51/09  Update on Development Applications

1 Garland Avenue, Epping – Ruth Evans advised that this property had been discussed at the previous meeting (Minute No. 37/09 refers).


Ruth indicated that a drainage easement which could not be built over had been discovered by Council staff on the site and accordingly, the DA for 1 Garland Avenue, Epping had been withdrawn. The diligence of Council Staff was noted.


Elaine Evans advised that in the last batch of development applications forwarded to members, an additional page had been received seeking advice on political donations. Elaine sought advice as to whether this information related to a particular application or to any application.


Paul Kennedy took this question on notice and advised that a response would be obtained.


356 Church Street, ParramattaElaine Evans sought advice on the result of the development application submitted for 356 Church Street, Parramatta, as it was her understanding that there may have been a rescission submitted on this application.


The Committee Clerk advised that a rescission motion had been submitted and considered by the Council on 10 August 2009. The rescission motion had been defeated leaving the refusal in place.






52/09  Rezoning in Vicinity of Elizabeth Farm

Mark Viner advised that he had been alerted by the Trustee to a new LEP which may involve rezoning certain streets in the vicinity of Elizabeth Farm and other key areas. He felt that there should have been dialogue on this issue.


Paul Kennedy advised that Council had produced a new draft LEP for the entire LGA which had been placed on exhibition for information purposes on the website, the library and at various drop in centres. Staff were also available to discuss the document.


Paul noted that the document must be prepared in accordance with a template issued by the State Government. Changes required by the State Government included new zoning names (ie 2a now known as R2 etc).


Accordingly, it was believed that any changes around Elizabeth Farm have simply related to zoning names as staff were mindful of the importance of heritage in this area.


53/09  Invitation from Elizabeth Boesel

Paul reminded members of the invitation forwarded by Elizabeth Boesel in relation to an Open Day to be held on the weekend of 22 and 23 August 2009.






54/09  National Flag Day Ceremony

David Shakespeare invited members to attend a National Flag Day Ceremony to be held at Parramatta High School on 3 September 2009 at 1.30pm.


55/09  History Day At Hambledon Cottage

David Shakespeare advised that History Day would be held at Hambledon Cottage on 9 September 2009.


56/09  Archaeology Exhibition

Anne Mathews advised that there is currently an excellent archaeology exhibition at the Heritage Centre.


57/09  ICOMOS Inspectors

Mark Viner advised that the ICOMOS Inspectors would be arriving shortly to view various sites including Old Government House and Parramatta Park.


58/09  History Week at Parramatta Park

Elaine Evans advised that there was quite a deal of activity in Parramatta Park as the Park prepared for the visit of the ICOMOS Inspectors and for History Week.


Elaine added that a number of interesting changes were occurring at Parramatta Park, including at the observatory and expressed her delight in seeing the master plan come to fruition.


59/09  History Week Lectures

Carol Liston advised of upcoming lectures to be given by herself including 4 September 2009 at Old Government House on ‘the big report”.


A further lecture will be given at the State Library on 9 September 2009 with the same talk to be given at Holroyd Library on 12 September.



60/09  Location of Admissions Book

Shylie Brown sought advice from Carol Liston on the Boys Admission Book which had previously given to the State Archives.


            Carol responded that further enquiries would be made. 


61/09  Governor Macquarie Bicentenary

Carol Liston requested that information be made available at the next meeting on the Governor Macquarie Bicentenary.


            Paul Kennedy advised that he would approach Michelle Desailly on this issue.


62/09  Parramatta Stories

Ruth Evans displayed a Parramatta Stories Book from 1965 and suggested that it may be beneficial for the book to be scanned and made available at Parramatta City Library.



63/09  Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee is proposed for Wednesday, 21 October 2009.



The meeting terminated at 6.45 pm.