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Access Advisory Committee Minutes - 18 August 2009






Debbie Manuel in the Chair, Leone Clarke, Barbara Jones and Peter Simpson.




John McInerney – Acting Service Manager Community Capacity Building Team, Elizabeth Collins – Community Service Team Leader and Joy Bramham – Administration Officer.



The Deputy Chairperson, Debbie Manuel, welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending. John McInerney explained that Donna Mosford has changed positions to Project Officer for Social Outcomes and that he would be filling in until a replacement for Donna is appointed.  



Apologies were received and accepted for the absence of John Moxon- Chairperson and  Chris McAlpine – Community Place Development Officer, Parramatta Council.




There were no declarations made regarding conflict of interest at this meeting.



Minutes from the meeting on 16 July 2009 have not been distributed because they have not yet been ratified by Council. The report and minutes will be going to the Council meeting on Monday 24 August and will be distributed after they have been received by Council.





5.1 Council Advisory Committee Expressions of Interest (EoI)

The Expressions of Interest for the Access Committee was closed on 5 August 2009. John McInerney stated that there had been numerous submissions and that staff were about to start going through the EoIs. Since Council had not put an upper limit on numbers for the Committees any applicant that meets the criteria should be recommended in the report to Council for the new committee in September.


Debbie Manuel enquired if this process would be repeated every 4 years with the election of a new Council. John McInerney explained Council was restructuring the Advisory Committee model and this would not be repeated however the Expression of Interest process would be repeated when Council is reformed after the next election. The EoI process allows for a wide variety of applicants, a transparent selection process and is open ended so that new members can join at anytime without a Council resolution.


5.2 ‘You’re Welcome’ Project

The Committee all received copies of the You’re Welcome Project report. The Committee noted that while detailed discussions had taken place on site, the report did not go into details about problem areas. Leonie Clarke asked if the Committee had originally made it clear that they wanted a detailed report.



(a) That the report be noted and received.

(b) Further that the author John Evernden be thanked and offered feedback on the report.          


5.3 Bus Shelter Audit / Infrastructure meeting

David Gray and Kati Westlake met the Committee for an infrastructure meeting.

The bus shelter audit has been completed and issues with approximately half the shelters were identified such as gradient, footpath, access etc.


David Gray circulated a discussion paper, which has been include with the minutes, and welcomes comments in particular he is interested in feedback on the potential drivers as these will influence a future priority list of works. 


·    What are the most / least important locations

·    What are the most/ least important works that need to be carried out


Any feedback needs to be with David Gray by Tuesday 15 September. David Gray can be contacted at 98065466 or


John McInerney informed the committee that the Council has a PAMP (Pedestrian Access and Mobility Program) budget.


5.4 After Hours Bell at Council Chambers

A new laminated sign clearly identifying rooms has been installed for the after hours bell at the main entrance of Council Chambers. The committee suggested that the back door should have a similar sign.  


5.5 Hearing augmentation in Town Hall

John McInerney took the question about what was happening with the hearing Augmentation Loop in the Town Hall on notice. He stated that Nick Wright (Service Manager, Recreation Services) has been looking into quotes for a type (unspecified) of Hearing Augmentation. He also informed the committee that Council have applied through a NSW Community Building Partnership application for State funding for access related works that would include hearing augmentation.


ACTION: That council officers investigate how to work the hearing augmentation system in Rooms 1 & 2 of Council chambers Building for the next meeting.


5.6 Parking Permits

Peter Simpson reported on the meeting at Northcott regarding Parking Permit. The document was not of the highest quality and did not appear to be finished. There had not been any previous consultation with end users but service providers instead.


Peter Simpson stated that he felt that the discussions focused on the trivial especially since the parking scheme relied on State Government enforcement, when in reality parking is enforced by individual Councils.



5.7 Western Sydney Public Transport

Barbra Jones reported on the meeting at Granville on Western Sydney Area Transport. The committee should establish a steering committee to establish a ‘peak body’ to oversee the senior and other groups.


Barbra Jones commented that she had been asked to join the steering committee and that each area or issue of concern would have two representatives. The steering committee is looking to establish an action plan.


5.8 Disability Car Parking in Parramatta CBD

The 4 no time-limit disabled car spaces in the Macquarie Lane car park have been finished. Peter Simpson commented that they are not close to the centre of town and that they are hard to access due to bad access to footpaths.


5.9 Draft Access to Premises standards

Peter Simpson stated that he was currently going through the report. There are issues that need technical advice that have been referred but no timetable for completion has been given. It may be the case where the legislature will be pushed through and incorrect information may or may not be corrected after the fact.


6.4 International Day of People with a Disability (IDPWD)

Debbie Manuel commented that the committee has not met to discuss IDPWD since 7 July 2009. John McInerney commented that Chris McAlpine should be getting in contact with the committee soon is discuss further.




6.1 Shut Out

John McInerney tabled “Shut Out: The Experience of People with Disabilities and their families in Australia.


ACTION: Shut Out to be distributed to Committee members either electronically or by mail.


6.2 Loop Bus

Debbie Manuel asked that the committee be updated with the new route and times for the Loop bus.





Access Advisory Committee Meeting

Tuesday, 20 October 2009, 5:30pm

Rooms 1 & 2 Ground Floor Meeting Room

Council Chambers Building

Civic Place, Parramatta



Also note

Infrastructure and Transport Meeting

Tuesday, 20 October 2009, 4:30pm

Rooms 1 & 2 Ground Floor Meeting Room

Council Chambers Building

Civic Place, Parramatta


The meeting concluded at 6.35 pm