Item 8.1 - Attachment 1

Development Application Variations under SEPP 1 - July 2009


Development Application Variations under SEPP 1 July 2009




DA No:


Category of development:

Environmental Planning Instrument

Development standard to be varied

Justification of variation

Extent of Variation

Date DA determined


21 Angus Street, Epping

Residential dwelling

Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2001

Height of dwellings - Clause 39

Subfloor area protrudes greater than 1.2 metres above natural ground level on a portion of the development (up to 20cm for a length of 3.5 metres and by 10cm for a length of 2 metres). The variation is appropriate as the scale and form of the dwelling is appropriate and it is a minor non-compliance.

Required 2 storeys (max)

Proposed - part 3 storey

13 July 2009


15 Virginia Street, Rosehill

Dual occupancy


Minimum allotment size for dual occupancies - Clause 29R(2)(b)

Refer to applicants SEPP 1.

Required 600m2 (min)

Provided - 475.3m2 (124.7m2 or 20.7% variation)

13 July 2009