Item 9.3 - Attachment 1

Summary of Benefits


ATTACHMENT 1- Summary of Benefits



1.1†††††† Marketing & Promotion

Parramatta City Council would receive logo branding on all marketing & promotion that is produced specifically for the Sydney round of Supercross.


1.2†††††† In-Program Tourism Post Card

Parramatta City Council will receive a 30-60 second in-program tourism postcard that would be aired within the LIVE Super X telecast. Supercross would produce this post card (footage & script to be supplied by Council) at NO cost to the Council and as it will be part of the actual program will be seen by approximately 500,000 in Australia. Supercross has also concluded a deal with TVNZ, which is New Zealandís number one network and also Australia Network which goes out to 44 million homes throughout Asia, meaning this 30-60 piece about Parramatta will be seen by a very significant television audience. In addition to the actual in-program postcard, the commentators will talk favourably about Parramatta as a tourism and business destination as part of the broadcast.


1.3†††††† Stadium Big Screen

Parramatta City Council will receive 2 x 30 second commercials on the big screen at the Parramatta Supercross event.


1.4 ††††† Super X Website

Parramatta City Council will receive logo recognition on the official Supercross web site. It is estimated that in 2009 the site will have in excess of 300,000 unique visitors to the site. Council will promote the DISCOVER PARRAMATTA brand and URL as part of this exercise.


1.5†††††† Official Souvenir Program

Parramatta City Council will receive one full page colour advertisement in the official Supercross program. This program is sold nationally at every Supercross event. Approximately 20,000 copies will be sold over the seven Supercross events.


1.6†††††† Tickets

Parramatta City Council will receive 20 premium tickets to the Parramatta round of Super X. This is an ideal opportunity to invite key partners and businesses, and offers a further opportunity for the Lord Mayor to address these VIPs.


1.7†††††† Exclusivity

Supercross guarantees that no other Supercross event will take place in Sydney and that the event at Parramatta will be the Sydney Supercross event for NSW.