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Terms of Reference Cycleways


Cycleways Advisory Committee


June 2009


These Terms of Reference are to be read in conjunction with Parramatta City Council Advisory Committees Core Terms of Reference (2009).


1.   Primary Purpose

1.1. The Cycleways Advisory Committee’s purpose is to advise and give feed back to Parramatta City Council on strategic matters relating to cycling including best practise cycleway planning and design, and behavioural change strategies

2.   Roles and Responsibilities

2.1. Provide specialist advice and support related to cycleways issues


2.2. Raise and address cycleways issues with Council


2.3. Provide information to Council on cycleways issues


2.4. Establish working parties (when appropriate) to address specific issues or projects, including NSW Bike Week


2.5. To provide a forum for community members and organisations to raise and address cycling issues and needs


2.6. Report back to individuals, organisations and networks on Council’s role and responsibilities and its decisions relating to the Cycleways Advisory Committee



3.   Membership

3.1. Membership of the Advisory Committee  is voluntary and includes:


i. Up to two (2) representatives from Bicycle User Groups active in the Parramatta Local Government area (8 in total)


ii. One (1) representative from any cycle club active in the Parramatta Local Government area


iii.   One (1) representative from the bicycle retail sector in the Parramatta Local Government area


iv.   One (1) resident from each Parramatta City Council Ward (total of 5)


3.2. In addition the Cycleways Advisory Committee will include:


i. Council staff from relevant departments (eg Transport Planning, Traffic and Transport, Open Space and Recreation)


ii. Representatives from the RTA, Police and other peak State Organisations


iii.           Membership of the Advisory Committee is for a period of four (4) years to coincide with Council elections. Members may be appointed for up to two consecutive terms.


4.   Membership Application Process-

4.1. Applicants must meet all of the following criteria:


i        demonstrated active cyclist such as a commuter, recreational or competitive rider


ii       demonstrated qualification, competency  or knowledge of best practise cycleway planning and design, and behavioural change models


iii      fall within one of the three groups outlined in the Membership section of this document


5.   Frequency of Meetings

5.1. The Committee will meet on the first Tuesday bi-monthly from March to December.