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Filming and Still Photography Application Form


Filming and Photography Application Form


This application is for filming and still photography on Council owned property, in open spaces and outdoor areas such as footpaths, roads and parks within the Parramatta Local Government area.


Please ensure that you have read the filming guidelines as these will include the terms and conditions of your filming approval.  If the information in this application is inaccurate it may lead to the cancellation of an approval at any time.


The following document is an application and does not constitute a filming permit or location contract.


Part 1              Application Details


Given Name (s)



Family Name






Production Company / Organisation





Production Company / Organisation Address







Business Phone



Mobile Phone



Email address




Part 2              Production Contact Details


Producer Name






Email address



Location Manger Name






Email address




Part 3              Production Details


Name of Production



Production Summary / synopsis / script










Type of Production (please tick appropriate boxţ)


Feature                         ¨         TV Drama                      ¨         Documentary                             ¨

TV Commercial              ¨         Corporate Video ¨         Short Film                                 ¨

Music Video                  ¨         Student film                   ¨         Children’s Production                 ¨

Infotainment                   ¨         Reality TV                     ¨         Stills / Photography                    ¨

Other (please specify)    ______________________________________________


Part 4              Location Details


Please provide details for each location




Date (s)



Date of additional bump in / out



Time of use (inc. arrival and departure)






Description of activities








Personnel numbers











Parking requirements


Number of essential vehicles


Number of unit vehicles



Number of private vehicles



-     Please attach a list of production vehicles by type, size and registration details

-     Please attach a parking plan (including catering and unit base), specifying street location, number of spaces required and any applicable parking restrictions


Please tick ţ if your shoot involves any of the following:


Temporary Traffic Control                        ¨         Street Dressing                          ¨

Reconstruction of a crime                       ¨         Road Closure                             ¨

Low Loaders                                          ¨         Stunts                                       ¨

Firearms / Guns                                     ¨         Smoke Effects                           ¨

Fire Effects                                            ¨         SFX                                          ¨

Cherry Pickers / Lighting towers              ¨         Camera Crane                           ¨

Generator                                              ¨         Temporary Structures                 ¨

Scaffolding                                            ¨         Playback                                   ¨        

Cast dressed as police / ES                   ¨         Car Chasing sequence               ¨

Crowd control                                        ¨         Children                                    ¨

Animals                                                            ¨         Other                                        ¨


Please note:

Many of the above activities will also require approval to be sought from other statutory authorities e.g. Police, RTA, RSPCA, NSW Office for Children’s Guardian, NSW Fire Brigade, NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW Department of Lands.


If you have ticked any of the above, please give details









Part 5              Supporting Documentation Checklist


Public Liability Insurance / Certificate of Currency ¨

Traffic Management Plan (when required)             ¨

Parking Plan                                                                  ¨

Authorised safety report (when required)                           ¨

Community notification letter                                           ¨

Environmental management plan (when required)  ¨



Part 6              Lodging the Application


You can lodge the complete application form and supporting documents:


By email                      Please submit saved application and supporting documents to



By fax                          02 9806 5953


In person                     Parramatta City Council

                                    30 Darcy Street

                                    Parramatta  NSW 2150