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Minutes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee Meeting 24th March 2009







Gilson Saunders (Chairperson – arr. 6.33pm, took the chair at 7pm) Doug Desjardines (Chairperson 6.16pm – 7pm), Lyn Leerson, Phillip Bradley, Marcia Donovan, Annie Nielsen,




Maggie Kyle – Community Capacity Building Officer and Erin Lottey – Minute taker, Shanene Hogg – Aboriginal Project Officer, George Mannix – Service Manager Major Events and Sponsorship, Margarita Perez – Events and Projects Officer








Doug Desjardines made an Acknowledgment of Country, recognising that the land upon which the meeting was being held is Dharug and paying respect to Elders past and present.




Doug Desjardines welcomed members and Council staff to the meeting.  Doug noted that being without a quorum, any decisions made by the Committee at this meeting would require ratification at the next  meeting.




The Chairperson reminded members of the meeting protocol.




Apologies were received and accepted for the absence of John Robertson, Anne Castles, Linda McDonald, Bruce Gale, Anne Stonham, Greg Stonham, Phil Russo, Cr. Paul Barber, June Magrath and M’Leigh Dickie.




There were no conflicts of interest noted.




A copy of the minutes of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee Meeting held on 26th August 2009 had previously been forwarded to each member.



The minutes of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee Meeting held on 26th August 2009 be taken as a true record of the meeting.




Council’s consideration of the future of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee and other Advisory Committees:  

Maggie Kyle advised that the matter had been considered by Council at its meeting of Monday, 23 March 2009.  The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee is to stay in its current format, with membership to be reconfirmed through advertisement or consultation.  Maggie advised she was yet to know whether this would require the current members to reapply for their posts.


Maggie also advised that Council resolved to create a new Community Advisory Committee, and sought report on the feasibility of three new forums focusing on Environment, Technology and Family.




Introduction of Service Manager Major Events and Sponsorship – George Mannix

George Mannix gave the Committee some information about the type and size of events dealt with by Parramatta Council.  These included:


- Major events, for example Australia day, NAIDOC, and Riverbeats

- Civic events, for example flag raisings and citizenship ceremonies

- Community events, for example Youth Week and Seniors Week

- Internal events, for example staff awards ceremonies, events with a staff and councillor focus


NAIDOC Budget 2009

George advised that approximately $60,000 would be an appropriate budget to produce an event of the same quality as the 2008 NAIDOC event.  George advised that this figure is based on an analysis of actual expenditure over previous years.  George noted that historically the budget figure for NAIDOC has included the cost of producing Sorry Day and the Flag Raising.  George advised that this year the various events would be drawn from separate budgets.


George indicated that he expected the $60,000 to be obtained from a number of different sources.  These include:


$10,000          USW Sponsorship

$40,000          2009/ 2010 Budget (as NAIDOC falls in the 2009/2010 financial year)

$10,000          Expected accruals from the current financial year


George gave the Committee a commitment that this budget would be available.


Current Sponsorship

George informed the Committee about the processes applied to requests and offers of sponsorship: when a sponsorship is received, that amount is deducted from the original budget. That is, the budget will stay the same, however less of the funds will be coming from Council.


George advised that the University of Western Sydney had already expressed interest in acting as a sponsor for the 2009 NAIDOC.  The sponsorship offered totals $10,000 and is made as part of UWS’s Year of Respect and Inclusion.


Organisation of the Burramatta Family Fun Day

George introduced Margarita Perez, Council’s Events and Projects Officer who will be coordinating the Burramatta Family Fun Day event.  George advised the Committee that in accordance with Council’s procurement requirements, Margarita would need to obtain three quotes for all proposed supplies.  George advised that the Committee will thus need to keep these procurement requirements and their associated timeframes in mind when suggesting suppliers or supplies.


Margarita advised that a Development Application had been lodged with Council to hold the Burramatta Family Fun Day in Prince Alfred Park on Sunday, 5 July 2009. Margarita indicated that she expected the application to take up to a month to be processed.


Margarita advised that Market Street would be closed during the event, and that suppliers and performers would be unable to have access to on-site parking due to restrictions at the site.  It was suggested that St Patrick’s Cathedral be approached about utilising parking available at the Cathedral.

Concern was raised around additional requirements for the processing of cheques by Council.  The Committee was advised that this issue would be handled through a lot of follow-up by Margarita.


Expressions of Interest – Entertainers

Margarita distributed Expression of Interest forms to the Committee.  These are to be completed by entertainers interested in performing at the Burramatta Family Fun Day.  The Committee was advised that positions would likely be offered to those applicants who lodge their expressions first, and the Committee was asked to encourage interested performers to lodge their expressions early.


Potential Entertainers – NSW Rugby League Western Sydney Academy

The Committee was advised that a meeting had been held with Bruce Walker of the Academy, and that the Academy was interested in participating in the Burramatta Family Fun Day through the running of some activities for children on the day. The Academy includes the three Western Sydney rugby league teams: the Eels, Wester Sydney Tigers and the Bulldogs.  Margarita advised that she would follow this up with the Academy.


The Committee noted its disappointment at the lack of involvement of some local rugby teams in recent years and expressed hope that there could be some certainty around involvement in this year’s NAIDOC.


Site Plan – Prince Alfred Park

Margarita distributed a site plan proposed for the Burramatta Family Fun Day.  This plan was developed based on the recommendations of the production crew.


Margarita advised that amusements would be located in the northern triangle, with staff and security focussing on child safety in this area.  Sporting events would be located in the southern triangle, the stage in the western triangle (backing onto a vehicular access point) and food and coffee etc located in the eastern triangle.



Margarita advised that Expression of Interest applications for stallholders would be ready for the next meeting of the Committee .


Marketing Plan

Margarita advised that the primary focus for marketing the event would be radio.  This will include interviews with Committee members and involvement with 2UE.  It was suggested that Koori Radio be contacted to assist with promotions.


Margarita advised that the Marketing Plan was also focused on increasing both youth and elder attendance, and sought ideas from the Committee on how to achieve this.  It was suggested that improved transport and security, marketing to schools and through libraries, as well as promoting the event on Radio National’s Awaye program might be appropriate means.


It was suggested that the Committee look at the provision of a bus from the estates to bring the elders to the event.   Community transport was suggested as an option.



The Committee was advised that invitations had been sent to Police, the Navy, the Army, and the Fire Brigade about holding stalls at the event.  It was suggested that when formal invitations are distributed to attend the day, invitations be offered to the Commander, the Admiral, and the whole crew of the HMAS Parramatta.  In particular it was suggested that the crew of the HMAS Parramatta be invited to attend the Flag Raising Ceremony.  Margarita advised that such formal personal invitations would be made at a later stage.


Margarita advised that both formal invitations, and invitations for stall-holders would be made to Darug tribal and custodian groups.


Workshops at the Family Fun Day

Margarita advised that she has obtained the contacts list for last year’s workshops and that this aspect of the day will be addressed soon.  Margarita asked that the Committee provide Expression of Interest forms to any person’s or groups who may be interested in running workshops.


Potential for Darug language classes

It was suggested that Darug language classes be organised as one to the NAIDOC workshops.  The Committee was advised that there is a teacher at Chifley College, Richard Green, who has been teaching the Darug language with success.  Margarita advised that Richard had contacted council, and was sent an expression of interest form.


The Committee also heard that the Department of Education and Training has an Aboriginal language restoration project, and that it could be a good contact point.  Michael Donovan of Newcastle University was also mentioned as a potential contact.


Flag Raising

An apology was given for M’Leigh Dickie, Council’s Civic Events and Protocols Officer.  The Committee was advised that M’Leigh will be coordinating the Flag Raising event, and Sorry Day.


Sorry Day Plaque

Maggie advised the Committee that there was a Council resolution relating to the placement of a plaque for Phil Russo in the garden, and that the plaque would go ahead.  Maggie advised that responsibility for the plaque was now with M’Leigh Dickie, Civic Events and Protocol Co-ordinator.




Progress of Mobbs Lane Archaeological Excavations

Gil Saunders updated the Committee on the archaeological excavation works taking place at the former Channel 7 site at Mobbs Lane, Epping.  Students from Oakhill College have been able to visit the site and participate in the dig.  The Committee was advised that the students involved in the dig are participants in Aboriginal History courses through Oakhill College.


Progress of Oran Park Archaeological Excavations

The Committee discussed some concerns with excavations at Oran Park, and the risk of losing significant artefacts.  Several artefacts found at the site already include ‘Bondi’ points, and ‘piri’ points.   It was suggested that Gilson Saunders speak about the site at the Reconciliation for Western Sydney group on 15 April 2009.


Civic Place Update

The Committee discussed a Recommendation they had put to Council that had been accepted in August 2008, regarding the inclusion of a storage facility and exhibition space for Aboriginal artefacts in the new Civic Place development.  Maggie advised that she had met with the Project Officer responsible for the project and had been advised that the planning for the project had stalled due to ongoing legal proceedings. 


The Committee discussed whether surveys had been conducted and what artefacts had been found.  Maggie advised that she had information suggesting that Council’s Officers, including those at the Heritage Centre, had advised her that Council did not have complete information on all Aboriginal artefacts that had been found in the area.  National Parks and Wildlife Service’s Aboriginal Heritage Unit will have information. Maggie will contact them and report back to the Committee.


Richmond Hill Project - Update      

Phil updated the Committee on the Richmond Hill project and advised that it had been funded by Reconciliation NSW.  Phil advised that he and Lyn Leerson would be visiting the site to see how Reconciliation for Western Sydney could provide support.  Phil advised that a memorial was being constructed in the shape of a land-tortoise, which is a sacred animal for the area. 


Western Suburbs  Forum – 2 April 2009

The Committee was advised that a forum of the western suburbs Reconciliation groups would be held on 2 April 2009.  Groups to attend include Mt Druitt and district, Projects for Reconciliation Richmond, Katoomba and Reconciliation Western Sydney.


Art Exhibition – Echoes

The Committee was advised that an art exhibition regarding Dharug history was being held at Civic Place, Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown. The exhibition commences the Saturday after this  meeting and runs until September.


Second Homelessness Forum – 23 April 2009

The Committee was advised that the second Parramatta Homelessness Forum would be run by Council on 23 April 2009, commencing at 9.00am.  The Forum is being organised by Council and a Steering Group. The focus will be on the Commonwealth Government’s White Paper on Homelessness. The Honourable Tanya Pilbersek, Federal Minister for Housing, the Honourable David Borger, State Minister for Housing and Western Sydney and Digby Hughes, Homelessness NSW would be keynote speakers.  The Committee was advised that indigenous people have been identified as one of the main groups requiring consideration and it was important that indigenous homelessness be raised with other groups and housing providers.


Next Meetings

ATSI Advisory Executive Meeting

Room 1, Ground Floor Council Chambers, Parramatta

Tuesday, 28 April 2009 5pm


ATSI Advisory  Meeting

Room 1, Ground Floor Council Chambers, Parramatta

Tuesday, 28 April 2009 6pm



The Meeting concluded at 7:50pm