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25 August 2008 Council Report



ITEM NUMBER         12.1

SUBJECT                   Draft Bike Plan 2008

REFERENCE            F2007/00667 - D00993526

REPORT OF              Service Manager Open Space and Natural Resources        





To seek Council's endorsement to place the draft Bike Plan 2008 on public exhibition.






(a)       That Council receive and note Service Manager Open Space & Natural Resource’s report on the draft Bike Plan 2008 and approve it for public exhibition.


(b)       That the draft plan be placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days at Council’s administration building, libraries, website, the Parramatta Heritage Centre, and advertisements be placed in Parramatta’s local newspapers.


(c)       Further, that a further report be provided for Council’s consideration following the public exhibition period providing details of any submissions and comments and recommendations for the final report.





1.      In 2001 Council adopted the current Parramatta Bike Plan which identified a network of cycling routes to enhance cycling opportunities throughout the LGA. Sections of the identified cycleway network have been progressively completed, or upgraded, under Council’s annual capital works program.


2.      The complexity and large number of routes identified in the current plan will, however, require significant funding to complete as there are still a number of  missing links throughout the network. A number of additional cycleway initiatives have also been developed outside the scope of the 2001 Bike Plan, such as the North-West T-way cycleway.


3.      The current Parramatta Bike Plan has recently been reviewed to assess the sections of the network which have been completed since 2001 and the suitability of proposed routes in relation to the changing demographics and increasing housing densities identified for Parramatta.  Specialist consultants, Urban Arc Pty Ltd were engaged to undertake the review of the 2001 Plan in consultation with the Parramatta Cycleways Committee.  A draft has been prepared of a revised plan (Bike Plan 2008 – Attachment 2) which identifies a number of priority routes to be implemented over the next three years to create an accessible and efficient cycleway network.  A table extracted from the plan showing these is included as Attachment 1.






4.      Council recognises the health and wellbeing benefits of walking and cycling and the environmental benefits of decreasing reliance on cars as the major transport mode throughout the LGA. The draft Bike Plan 2008 aims to ensure that Council encourages cycling as a healthy and environmentally friendly mode of transport through the provision of safe bicycle routes and facilities for commuters and recreational cyclists.


5.      The main objectives of the Bike Plan 2008 are:

a)   To encourage cycling and reduce car use for commuting;

b)   To encourage non-cyclists to take up cycling;

c)   To provide safer cycling opportunities, particularly for vulnerable cyclists;

d)   To implement planned routes and complete missing links between existing routes to form continuous cycle routes;

e)   To identify prioritised cycling routes for future implementation;

f)    To provide more opportunities for cycling in open space and along off-road shared paths.


6.      The plan outlines all existing on-road and off-road cycling routes and facilities, and identifies missing links throughout the current cycleway network. It also provides a prioritised schedule of costed works to be implemented throughout the cycleway network.


7.      The principles and actions outlined in the draft plan are consistent with Parramatta Twenty25 which identifies a priority strategy (TC4) “to increase the number of people walking and cycling, particularly for journeys within the neighbourhood” and (TC2) “manage road congestion and safety while reducing the reliance on car use as the primary means of transport”. The plan also implements actions and strategies in the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy, Parramatta City Centre Plan (2007), Parramatta Sport and Recreation Plan (2005), Parramatta Open Space Plan (2004), and draft City Centre Integrated Transport Plan.


8.      The draft plan is also consistent with Council’s Management Plan which emphasises that we will ‘enhance and expand cycling and pedestrian networks’. Council has already implemented some significant improvements to the cycleway network under the management plan through the Regional and Local Bicycle Facility Projects within the annual capital works program.




9.      The draft Bike Plan 2008 has been developed in close consultation with the Parramatta Cycleways Committee, which includes Councillors, staff and representatives of several Bicycle User Groups and local cycling enthusiasts. Committee members were also involved in conducting extensive saddle surveys of routes throughout the LGA, with local schools also providing valuable input.


10.    Consultation has also been held with staff of Council’s Transport Planning and Traffic Section who have been part of the working party liaising with the project consultants, Urban Arc Pty Ltd.


11.    If approved for public exhibition, advertisements will be placed in the local Parramatta newspapers inviting local residents to comment on the draft plan. The plan will be made available at Council’s administration building, libraries, the Parramatta Heritage Centre and posted on the Council’s website during the exhibition period for comment.


12.    It is envisaged that following the public exhibition period, Council will receive a further report providing details of any submissions and proposed changes for Council’s consideration prior to adoption of the final Bike Plan 2008.




Neville Davis

Service Manager Open Space & Natural Resources





Draft Bike Plan 2008 (Attachment to be provided to Councillors Only under separate cover)

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