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Crime Prevention Strategy & Timeline Table



Crime Problem(s)

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Adopted Strategy

Adopted Implementation Schedule

††† Current Status

Report Reference Point(s)

Alcohol-Related Crime (Assaults)

††† Review the Parramatta Liquor Accord including but not limited to reviewing adequacy of existing late night transport options and present recommendations to PCC.This review should consider current patron dispersal procedures and deployment of security to guard taxi facilities in the City Centre.Senior PCC staff to meet Liquor Accord to discuss recommendations and funding options.

January 2010

Review complete.Additional late-night transport options being implemented.Funding options being investigated.

10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Retail Theft & Steal from Person

††† Conduct two business crime forums annually.





††† Distribute National Crime Prevention business audit package to all retailers in the City Centre and to offer free risk assessment advice to local retail outlets in Sept/Oct.






January 2009

1st forum completed Nov 08.2nd forum being established Jun 09.


Completed Oct 08.

17, 18





16, 18

Malicious Damage






Steal from Motor Vehicle




††† Conduct review of graffiti management in the City Centre.Cost options of an integrated approach of rapid removal (i.e. within 72 hrs), enforcement, cultural development activities and legal walls should be considered.



††† Educational campaign such as that developed by NRMA be replicated to advise visitors about how to prevent steal from motor vehicle.Car park security, rangers and other relevant personnel to distribute information for owners of vehicles with high risk property in view of public.

January 2010







July 2009


Review complete.Graffiti management plan being developed.





Being developed in conjunction with AGD.








20, 21

Church Street Mall
















††† Develop a public domain plan for Church Street Mall including:

o Removal of impediments to access and improving sightlines along the main thoroughfare be maintained

o An operational audit of lighting be conducted

o Inclusion of Safer By Design principles throughout City Centre

††† Develop a lighting plan for the City Centre with a focus on Church Street.

††† Maintain monthly PCYC mobile van presence in the mall.


††† Implement farmerís markets and expand entertainment to promote greater guardianship in Church Street Mall.Develop policy and implement findings.

July 2009








July 2009





January 2009


Audits complete. CPTED upgrades in progress.






Being developed.


Project bid for funding submitted.


Completed Aug 08.

















MOU between PCC and Police



Car Park Upgrade


††† PCC to review MOU with Police.


††† PCC to ensure all DA assessors are trained in Safer By Design within 12 months of commencement.



††† Improve lighting, painting and security features of council car parks that are privately managed.


January 2009






July 2009



Completed Jul 08.


13 of 15 staff trained.




1 of 4 upgrades complete.








27, 46, 47, 48



Laneways Project



††† Continue Laneways Project to improve amenity and lighting of City Centre laneways.


July 2009




In progress.








Coordinated Response to Social Needs in City Centre


††† PCC to coordinate an issues forum on social needs in City Centre.Outcomes from forum to be action based and driven by relevant State government agencies and other partners.








1st forum completed Nov 08.2nd forum being conducted Apr 09.









Justice Precinct Planning







††† PCC to meet with Attorney General (or representative) to review social impacts of Justice Precinct.


††† PCC to chair meeting with stakeholders of the Justice Precinct to review potential social impacts of the expansion of the court capacity in the area and to monitor demand on social services and local behaviours and report to Office of Western Sydney where appropriate.

January 2009





Commenced Apr 09.



Organisation in progress.





Movement of Students












Coordinated Media Response to Crime Stories



Bail Court






††† CPC scope issues (with DET) regarding students in the City Centre and consider the following:

o A partnership with DET to review use of Crime Prevention Workshop manual modules in local schools.Key modules selected for delivery annually.School Liaison Police and PCC to monitor implementation.

o A forum with local school principals reviewing behaviour through Parramatta City Centre.

o A Parramatta specific resource on travelling to school.



††† PCC to develop a media policy ensuring coordination of key stakeholderís responses to local crime stories.Policy to be reviewed annually.





††† PCC to approach the NSW Attorney Generalís Department to request changing the name of the Parramatta Bail Court to Greater Sydney or Metropolitan Bail Court.




January 2010




















January 2009

1st forum completed Oct 08.2nd forum being conducted May 09.CPWís being delivered.Resource being developed.








Being developed.







Completed Apr 08.

31, 32, 33





















Crime Prevention Coordinator





††† Council to employ a Crime Prevention Coordinator to manage relevant crime prevention activities across LGA.Initially funded from PCC Management Plan allocation and then funding sought through normal management planning processes in year 2.Position funded for minimum of 2 years.

January 2011







Completed Aug 08 for a 12 month contract position.





6, 7, 8







Clarification of Existing Committees



††† Clarify Liquor Accord, Parramatta Crime Prevention Partnership, Transport Security Precinct, SCRAP and CSAC committees.


Completed Mar 09.

36, 37



Note:All strategies within the City Centre Crime Prevention Plan (2008-2013) are currently progressing to schedule, with approximately 35% of actions with fixed implementation dates completed.For detailed information on the progress of particular strategies please refer to the relevant point(s) in the accompanying report.