Item 9.3 - Attachment 3

Supplementary Report Considered by Council on 23 February 2009



ITEM NUMBER         8.3

SUBJECT                   Draft LEP Supplementary Report

REFERENCE            F2006/01198 - D01135593

REPORT OF              Manager Land Use and Transport Planning        





This report follows a Councillor workshop on 4 February 2008 on the draft LEP and outlines the proceedings of that workshop as it relates to potential amendments to the draft LEP as reported by staff on 15 December 2008.





(a)     That Council adopt the recommendation as contained in Manager Land Use and Transport Planning Report as appended as Attachment 1 as previously considered by Council at its meeting held on 15 December 2009 and subsequently deferred to this meeting.


(b)       That the general agreement reached by Councillors at the workshop on 4 February 2008, on the following matters be considered by Council as potential amendments to the draft LEP.


1     The proposed Mixed Use B4 zone on Blaxcell Street, South Granville, be replaced by a Medium Density Residential R3 zone.


2     Consultation with the Department of Housing relating to the proposed zoning regime for its land holdings in Telopea and its relationship to its redevelopment plans to ensure a mix of public and private housing and good urban design outcomes.


3     Consideration of replacing the proposed Low Density R2 zone between Victoria Street, Good Street and the M4 Motorway, to a Medium Density R3 zone.


4     The proposed Low Density R2 zone between John, Louis and Blaxcell Streets and The Avenue in Granville, being replaced by a High Density R4 zone.


5.    The proposed General Industrial Zone IN1 on the corners of Wellington and Clyde Roads and Rawson Road and Ferndell Street, South Granville, being replaced by a Neighbourhood Centre B1 zone.


6     The land between Railway Terrace, Cross Street and Swift Street, Guildford being increased in height to 14 metres.


7  The land on the western side of James Ruse Drive, between Weston and Hope Streets (the eastern side of the block) being increased in height to 23  metres.


8     The High Density R4 zone in the precinct between Pennant Street, Macarthur Street Victoria Road and the park to the north, being replaced by a Medium Density R3 zone with corresponding height and FSR.


9     Consideration being given to reinserting the zoning, height and FSR controls for the Epping precinct as previously endorsed by Council.


(c)       Further, that Council invite the owner(s) of land within the industrial precinct at River West Road, Parramatta, to discuss a process by which the rezoning of the land to allow a mix of uses including residential, be considered.






Council considered a report on the finalisation and adoption of the comprehensive Parramatta draft LEP at its meeting on 15 December 2008. At that meeting, Council resolved:


(a)      That  consideration of this matter be deferred to the Council Meeting to be held on 23 February 2009 and the application for rezoning submitted by Granville RSL be considered in the meantime.

(b)       That a further workshop be held on this issue as early as possible in February so that Councillors who wish to raise matters have the opportunity to do so.

(c)        That Councillors raise any concerns/issues prior to the workshop being held.

(d)       Further, that in relation to the land on the eastern side of James Ruse Drive presently shown as B5, that a report be brought forward commenting on the submission which has been received by Council resulting out of the internal discussions which have been held between council staff, the Department of Planning and the applicant.


The report previously included on the agenda and deferred, is at attachment 1.


The workshop was held on 4 February 2009 and various issues were discussed.  It is noted that a workshop is not a decision making forum and neither were all Councillors present at that workshop.  The matters that were discussed at that workshop are now forwarded for Council’s formal consideration.  Other matters, including the potential rezoning of land in the South Granville precinct, were discussed with further discussion to occur amongst ward Councillors.  Of note, there was discussion about the potential for the creation of road system adjacent to the Duck River to make that part of the South Granville precinct more accessible. This work was not completed at the time of writing.


Since that workshop, Council resolved the following at it meeting on 9 February 2009:


(a)          That Parramatta City Council seek to address the finalisation of the Parramatta Local Environment Plan in a most timely manner, and in order to give due consideration to all matters pertaining to the city’s future character:

(b)          That a report is requested from Council’s Property Section listing all of Council’s properties and promoting a strategy which seeks to ensure that community owned land in Council’s ownership is not disadvantaged, and that scope is provided to maximise the community’s future investments.

(c)          That such land will be identified and categorised so as to allow its inclusion in the LEP, after consultation with Council.

(d)          That each Council Ward will form a ‘Working Party’ of its Councillors to review the proposed future character of each Ward, and that where discussion is required about land adjacent to Ward boundaries, that the Councillors of both Wards will have equal input.

(e)          That each Ward ‘Working Party’ will deliver its outcomes to the responsible officer by 23 February 2009.

(f)           That after the plan is finally adopted by Council and sent to the Department of Planning for a Section 65 Certificate to enable public exhibition:

(g)          That Council undertake an informal exhibition of the plan through each Ward over the pursuing four month period.

(h)          That a report is requested outlining the format and process of such an informal exhibition.

(i)           That for the purpose of exhibition a method of presentation be developed by Council which will allow easy recognition and understanding of the LEP document.

(j)           Further, that the CEO convey Council’s intentions to the Department of Planning.


Given the time lines for the preparation of reports for the Council agenda, it has not been possible to include the further feedback sought in part (e) of Council’s most recent resolution as described above.  It is also understood that a report from Council’s Strategic Asset Management Unit addressing part (b) of the above resolution, will be prepared shortly for the Council’s consideration.



Marcelo Occhiuzzi

Manager Land Use and Transport Planning




Draft LEP report considered on 15 Dec 2008

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