Item 9.3 - Attachment 1

Outcomes of Ward Councillor Working Group Discussions



Attachment 1






Amendment Proposed


Woodville Ward Councillors



The neighbourhood block bounded by Blaxcell St, The Avenue, John St, Louis St be amended from R2 Low Density Residential to R4 High Density Residential.




The west side of Blaxcell Street, between Adam Street and Markey Street, which is shown as B4 Mixed Use be replaced by R3 Medium Density Residential, further, that the proposed B4 Mixed Use section of Blaxcell Street, adjacent to Markey Street (grey on the map) be altered to conform with the surrounding residential zoning.






The proposed R4 High Density Residential in Gordon Avenue and Bounded by Clyde Street become R3 Medium Density Residential.





That the east side of Clyde Street between Boronia and Chiswick Road become R2 Low Density Residential, with Council officers to investigate the ability to give bonuses to development sites on the basis that they dedicate land for future road proposals.





The frontage to the east side of Woodville Road between William and Clarke Streets be altered to B4 Mixed Use due to its closeness to the TAFE and the existing development on the corner of William Street and recognising the run down nature of existing housing stock.





Change the area in Guildford from the rear boundaries of Bolton/Rosebery to Guildford Road to the rear boundaries of Rosebery/Milner to the present line South to R3 Medium Density Residential with a FSR of 0.6:1 and a height of 11m.






Land south of Guildford Rd between Railway Terrace, Cross St and Swift St to be amended from a height of “L” (11m) to a height of “P” 17 metres (5 storeys).



Elizabeth Macarthur Ward Councillors




That where dead end streets and cul de sacs occur, such as Teale Place, North Parramatta, Wyuna Place Oatlands - no town house or duplex development occur.





Pennant Hills Road, North Parramatta.  No town house or duplex development along the southern side Pennant Hills Road between Belmore street to James Ruse Drive and corner of Cumberland Rd North Parramatta.





Rydalmere industrial area – we need to ensure that our zoning does not permit brothels and the area that we as Ward Councillors, if we need to permit brothels, would prefer them to be in the Camellia area, as it is not a residential area, with no schools, places of worship or recreational facilities





Parramatta East, area between Macarthur Street, park to the north, Pennant Street, and Victoria Road.  Retain all existing equivalent residential zones (as identified in Parramatta LEP 2001)  with the equivalent FSR. Reduce height from “L” (11m) to “J1/J2” (9.2-9.5m) 





Council depot, Morton Street Parramatta as per recommendation Strategic Asset Management Unit.





Area proposed as R4 along Thomas Street, between Morton Street and Wandsworth (including R4 on western side of Wandsworth) being downzoned to R3 with height reduced from “L” (11m) to “J” (12m).





Block bounded by Pemberton Street, Thomas Street, Morton Street and Victoria Road to be zoned R2 with the exception of lots fronting Victoria Road which may remain R3.  This area to have a height limit of “J” (12m).





All corner properties at intersection of Victoria Rd and Macarthur St be altered to have height limit ‘O’ (15m) for height and with the same FSR for all corners ‘T’ (2.0:1) for consistency.





Rydalmere Industrial area to the south of Victoria Road and west of waterway - amend Light Industrial zone (IN2) to Mixed Use B4 zone.


Height along the southern side of Victoria Road within this zone and along Brodie Street to be amended from “M” (12m) and “J” (12m) to “P1” (18m).   The remaining area west of the waterway to have a height of “O” (15m).





Corner of Park Road and Victoria Road, Rydalmere – all the corners to have ‘M’ (12m) for height with an FSR of ‘T’ (2.0:1) for consistency.





The proposed draft height limit identified as “J1” (9.2m) to be amended to a height limit of “N” (13m) in the block bounded by Prospect Street, Alfred Street, Virginia Street and the laneway in Rosehill,





The height limit identified as “J1” (9.2m) to be amended to a height limit “M” (12m) in the block bounded by Weston, Arthur, Prospect and “The Rydges” hotel, Rosehill.





Shops near Telopea Street near Telopea station – amend proposed height limit to ‘P1’ (18m) and FSR as ‘T’ (2.0:1) as per recommendation.





That all of Station Street, near Dundas station be amended to a height limit of ‘P1’ (18m) and an FSR of ‘T’ (2.0:1) as per recommendation.





Due to the importance of the Camellia Peninsula and its interface with Parramatta and its present rundown appearance, Council supports the inclusion of specialty retail into the objectives of the B5 zone.





That Council undertake a Master Plan process for the land bounded by Tramway, Alfred, River Road, James Ruse Drive, Parramatta, for the purpose of creating a more effective land use pattern.





Recommend RE2 private recreation zone along river foreshores.



Carolyn Chisolm Ward Councillors 




Zoning of 201-277 Old Windsor Road to be amended from R2 to R3 with standard height and FSR controls.






That staff commence work on preparation of amended planning controls as a future amendment to the LEP for the Emma Crescent shops to revitalise the area in consultation with the ward Councillors.



Lachlan Macquarie Ward Councillors





Include previously adopted draft planning controls, for the Epping town centre precinct including the draft heritage conservation area additions as well as draft heritage items.



Arthur Phillip Ward Councillors (not clear on the level of agreement amongst ward Councillors)




(Map 4) Department of Housing estate, R4 zone site near the intersection of Old Windsor Road and Hart Drive, North Wentworthville/Constitution Hill. Recommend change of zoning to R3, FSR limit of 0.6:1, and retain the height limit of 11 metres.





(Map 10) - R2 zone site west of the City Centre LEP for the area bounded by Lansdowne, Inkerman and Dixon Streets, amend the zoning to R4, FSR limit of 0.8:1, and a height limit of 11 metres. (Note by staff: the Landsdowne frontage of this block forms part of a heritage conservation area).


Make the balance of that proposed R2 zone west of the City Centre LEP to R3, FSR limit of 0.8:1, and a height limit of 11 metres. (That is, townhouse format with a higher density yield). (Note by staff: this is a heritage conservation area).


Also, would like to discuss how to have these proposed zoning changes, but with the incentives for block consolidation such that we have the opportunity to widen streets in order to cope with the increase in population density in terms of traffic.






(Map 4) - the B4 zone sites on the north and south side of Darcy Road, Westmead, west of Mons Road. Propose that the Mixed Use zone be standardised to (a) FSR of 1.5:1 only, and (b) maximum 3 (not 4) storeys for both Northmead and Westmead.






In the definitions of land use in the LEP document, please delete "Dual Occupancies" from the R2 zone under the "Permitted with consent" section.






In the definitions of land use in the LEP document, please delete "Child care centres" from the R1 and R2 zones under the "Permitted with consent" section. (This would render section 6.3 obsolete).






In the definitions of land use in the LEP document, please delete "Places of public worship" from the R1 and R2 zones under the "Permitted with consent" section. (This means section 6.16 will need to be consequently revised.)





In clause 6.12(1) in the LEP document, please change the text to "... maximum period of 28 consecutive calendar days, in any one calendar year."






Under Schedule 2 of Exempt Development, in the "Advertisements" section, please delete clause "(8) Must not be an "A" frame sign". (Note by staff: Council will need to include the provisions of the Exempt and Complying SEPP as directed by the DoP).






Under Schedule 1 of Additional Permitted Uses, in page 56, under "Flagpoles", why would we want to restrict the size of an Australian flag and the height of the pole itself? There may be good reasons in commercial/retail/office zones where much bigger flags and taller flagpoles are warranted, if not more desired? Could we therefore delete clauses (1), (2) and (6)?