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Detailed Report - CarShare Scheme in Parramatta City Centre








Car Sharing


1.   Car-sharing is sometimes called the “missing link” in the alternatives to the private car. Members can use public transport, cycling and walking for most of their daily trips, but have access to a car when required.  Car-sharing also complements taxis, which are better suited to one-way trips and provide an option for those who are unable to drive, and rental cars which are intended for longer journeys.


2.   The car sharing scheme works by offering members the use of a car with a hourly fee, this includes petrol, car maintenance and associated on road costs.  There are a range of levels of memberships, those for occasional, frequent use and business use. Drivers then book the car online or by telephone and pick it up at the dedicated parking space.


3.   Car sharing provides an alternative transport option which allows car usage to be managed in a sustainable way. It can influence car ownership by providing a community resource which is readily accessible and cost effective. Families can use this service in lieu of a second vehicle or business can reduce pool vehicles. Car sharing is being established across Australia (Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth) with several companies working in partnership to make carshare vehicles available to members in a variety of locations extending the public transport options of members. Carshare schemes have also been used in private apartments.


4.   Car sharing schemes benefit the community by providing an alternative for occasional short trips. This has the flow on effect of encouraging a greater use of other sustainable transport modes such as walking, cycling and public transport. It also encourages people out of older, inefficient vehicles and into a car that is new, well maintained, safer and less polluting. More car sharing may result in less demand for limited parking space, less congestion and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.


Carshare trial in Parramatta City Centre


5.   In October 2007 Parramatta City Council commenced a carshare trial in the City Centre for 12 months. This trial was in partnership with the carshare provider, Go Get and was funded by a Department of Climate Change Green House Office grant.


6.   Council’s support for Carshare in the Parramatta city centre is part of Councils long term vision to manage congestion within the City as the population grows. The City Centre Plan (2007) sets out a 25 year vision for 30,000 new jobs in the Parramatta City Centre by 2031 and an additional 20 000 residents. The availability of Carshare supports those who use public transport and may result in increased numbers of public transport users.


7.   Destination 6, of the Parramatta Twenty 25 Strategic Plan is “People and places that are linked by sustainable transport and communication networks.” Car sharing directly works towards the objective of providing infrastructure to facilitate the uptake of sustainable transport modes. This will result in the environmental benefits of a reduction of green house gases and congestion in the City Centre. The trial is also an identified action the Parramatta City Council Climate Action Plan.


8.   Council provided GoGet with two marked car spaces for the carshare vehicles, one at Civic Place and one at Church St on Lennox Bridge.  The locations selected are well served by public transport and within close proximity to commercial centres to maximise potential use.  The locations are also close to residential areas which is essential for the long term success of car sharing. The RTA proposed policy ‘RTA Technical Direction Guidelines for the Implementation of On Street Carshare Parking TDT 2007/04’ was considered in this process


9.   Go Get provided two vehicles as part of their fleet and were responsible for all running costs of the scheme, including all associated vehicle costs eg insurance and maintenance; administration of the scheme; and any other costs incurred in relation to the running of the scheme.


10. This trial was part of the Sustainable Movement Around Town Project funded by a Department of Environment and Climate Change grant. The grant provided $20,000 of credit to new users of carshare in Parramatta of which nearly $17,000 has been used during the 12 month trial. The balance has been absorbed by Go Get to cover the initial start up cost of providing carshare into Parramatta.


11. The trial has resulted in 72 carshare members making 410 trips using the carshare cars in Parramatta.  On average 1 or 2 members used a carshare car each day to travel an average of 32 km each trip.  The cars have been booked for 3,637 hours and have travelled 13120 km.  These figures show that the carshare trial in the City Centre has been well utilised and may continue to be so in the future.


12. The trial has been successful in raising awareness of businesses and residents of the benefits and ease of use which carshare offers. Council actively promoted the trial through its sustainable advantage and business networks resulting in a increase of carshare use by a number of businesses in the city centre. This has created a strong membership base for Go Get in Parramatta.


13. Go Get has offered to remain operating in the two current locations until such time as Council has implemented the carshare policy.



Provision of Carshare in other Local Government Areas-

City of Sydney


· Carshare is currently on trial

· 90 locations have been applied for.

· Council has a carshare policy

· Off street car sharing spaces pay the  parking space levy (approx. $930 per anum)

Leichhardt Council


· Carshare is currently on trial

· 6 locations have been approved

· Council has a carshare policy.

· In the future a fee will be charged for signs

· Carshare will be considered in the next review of planning controls

Manly Council

· Council has invited EOI for a 3yr agreement, reviewed in 1st yr then another 2yr

· 2 carshare locations have been approved

Marrickville Council

· Support for car sharing has been passed by Council

· Carshare will be considered in the next review of planning controls

· Council does not have a Carshare policy

North Sydney


· Carshare parking is approved for a maximum of three years

· 15 locations have been approved

· Council has a carshare policy.

· Carshare vehicles are exempt form resident parking scheme restrictions.

· Council has a carshare policy.

Randwick Council


· Carshare was established as a result of a mayoral minute.

· 9 locations have been approved

· Council has a carshare policy.



· Tenders are currently being invited

· Council does not  have a Carshare policy

· 8 locations have been approved

· Carshare will be considered in the next review of planning controls.

· A fee will be considered as part of the current tender process

Willoughby Council


· 5 locations have been approved

· Council does not have a Carshare policy

· Council provides off-street parking allocated for Carshare where a reduced parking rate is allowed as per the DCP.

Woollahra Council


· Carshare is currently on trial

· 4 locations have been approved

· Council has a carshare policy

· A fee of $250per sign is charged

· Locations are selected to minimise impact on residents, close to public transport and not in areas of high parking demand.


14. As can be seen from the above table several NSW Councils now have Carshare policies or are undertaking trials. All Councils subsidise the provision of carshare by absorbing the costs associated with the provision of Carshare parking locations.





15. To manage the Carshare parking in the LGA, Guidelines for the Provision of Carshare in Parramatta have been prepared. (Attachment 2). These guidelines were endorsed by Council’s Traffic Engineering Advisory Group meeting on the 27 November 2008.


16. The intention of these guidelines is to support the Councils transport objectives and strategies as set out in Parramatta Twenty 25 Strategic Plan  that are aimed to encourage the use of public transport and reduce private motor vehicle usage, which will in turn decrease parking demands, congestion, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It also encourage the use of alternatives to the private car by providing on-street and off-street parking opportunities for Carshare vehicles whilst maintaining a balance with competing parking demands.


17. These guidelines have been developed in accordance with the “RTA Technical Direction Guidelines for the Implementation of On Street Carshare Parking TDT 2007/04”.


18. It is proposed that applications for carshare parking locations are able to be lodged at any time, on a first in, first served basis. Any carshare provider may apply for a carshare parking location. However they must first meet the basic level of service set out in the guidelines as well as provide extensive documentation on the business practises and environmental credentials of the carshare organisation. Applications for carshare locations, which meet all criteria outlined in the proposed ‘Guidelines for the Provision of Carshare in Parramatta’, will be submitted to the Council’s Traffic Committee for approval.


19. The operation of a Carshare scheme is separate from the operation of Council’s resident or business parking schemes. Carshare vehicles are not eligible for Parking Scheme Permits of any type. Enforcement of carshare parking will be the responsibility of Council Rangers as with other parking restrictions.  The vehicles allocated to the carshare spaces will display a Carshare Authorisation and be easily recognisable as a carshare vehicle. 


20. It is proposed that the Traffic and Transport Section will administer and manage car sharing utilising the guidelines.


21. Carshare is included in some Sydney councils DCPs. It is recommended that Council investigates the inclusion of private carshare schemes within the DCP to reduce the provision of off-street parking required in new developments.





22. The proposed guidelines have been developed and prepared by the Transport Planning team in consultation with the Traffic and Transport team who manage Council’s parking operations. Various other local government carshare policies were consulted in drafting these guidelines.



23. The 12 month trial of Car Sharing in the Parramatta City centre ended on October 31, 2008. Applications for Carshare Locations and Permits are anticipated to be advertised in early 2009 and any applications considered by  Council’s Traffic Committee for approval in March 2009.

24. In the interim, it is recommended that Council give permission to Go Get to continue operating in the two current locations until such time as Council has considered applications for these spaces as part of the above process. 



25. To encourage sustainable transport in the LGA it is proposed the Council continue to support and subsidise car sharing in a similar way to other Sydney Councils.   A fee of $250 is proposed for new car sharing locations which will cover a portion of the cost of investigation and sign installation of the of the Carshare Parking locations. An annual fee of $100 will be charged for Carshare Parking Authorisations. (This fee will be waived if a carshare locations is also being applied for at the same time.) This fee will be reviewed with in 12 months of the Guidelines being adopted by Council.



Myfanwy Lawrence                                              

Project Officer – Transport Planning

Land Use & Transport Planning