Item 10.1 - Attachment 2

Work that has been undertaken to progress draft Parramatta LEP 2008


Work undertaken to progress the draft LEP – summary table




Implication for draft Parra LEP 2008

Oct 2007, letter from DoP advising S65 certificate will not be issued.


Drafting and policy matters to be addressed, including

Downzoning in RDS areas, permissibility of sex services premises as per SREP 28, Heritage Office – heights near State heritage items, Epping draft amendments to heritage conservation areas be removed from draft LEP, correction of minor map errors relating to open space anomalies, standard instrument drafting issues, local clauses.

Council meeting 29 October 2007  - In response to DoP advice about objection to downzonings in RDS centres, Council resolved to undertake detailed analysis for those centres where downzoning proposed. (Carlingford, Rydalmere East, Merrylands)

Address DoP policy objection to downzonings in RDS centres under draft LEP

Heritage Office comments -  letter from DoP 23 Nov 2007

Minor drafting amendments and review of heights adjacent to State Heritage Register items

Council resolves in principle to participate in joint Epping planning work Council meeting 26 November 2007.

Update report to Council 25 August 2008.

Sept 2008 – DoP advises Epping to be included in draft LEP as a ‘roll over’ of existing controls into new standard format for zones etc

Future controls for Epping to be addressed in the Joint Planning work with Dept of Planning, PCC and Hornsby Cl.

Mapping change – zone, height and FSR for Epping to reflect existing controls rather than the adopted draft controls prepared under the RDS

Draft heritage items and conservation area changes for Epping not included in draft PLEP 2008

DoP Planning Circular 30 November 2007 –Certification of draft LEPs: requirements for draft LEPs at s64 stage prior to exhibition

Draft LEP to be compliant with standard formatting (maps, heritage schedule etc) prior to exhibition

Advises of requirement for mandatory pre s64 submission meeting

LEP Standard Instrument amendment, effective from 1 Jan 2008. Planning Circular PS 07 – 020 19 December 2007

Revised format, creation of new document, definition changes, land use table revision, additional mandatory provisions, changes to optional and compulsory clauses

Infrastructure SEPP effective from 1 Jan 2008;

LEP Practice Note PN 08 – 002 dated 7 March 2008

Zoning for Infrastructure in LEPs

Special Use zones (eg schools) rezoned the same as adjacent land; main roads, rail corridors, large complexes such as universities permitted to be zoned SP2; revised land use table and clauses deleted because of inclusion in Infrastructure SEPP

DoP Practice Note 30 January 2008, Height and Floorspace Ratio in LEPs


Map changes to show maximum height and FSR with qualifying clauses for height (Cl 4.3) and FSR (Cl 4.4) relating to Epping and Granville where site area determines max achievable

Councillor workshop 9 April 2008

Councillors updated on progress of draft LEP and changes required to date

Independent review of heritage items and conservation areas  - reported to Cl meeting 28 July 2008

Map and Schedule 5 changes

Council meetings 23 June/28 July 2008, 24 November 2008 – reports on deferred RDS areas Carlingford, Merrylands and Rydalmere East

Map changes zoning, height, FSR

DoP Practice Note 5 August 2008 Exempt & Complying Dev

Note: this resulted in different advice to that previously given by DoP as to how the exempt and complying development schedules were to be structured

Further review of Exempt & Complying Development provisions required using a version already endorsed by Parliamentary Counsel.

DoP Mapping guidelines

DEC – s 62 comments on waterways and riparian corridors

Discussions with DoP about flood clause and flood map

Heritage maps completed to comply with DoP mapping guidelines. This was a significant challenge with >1,000 items

Mapping of waterways, environmental protection mapping and clause 6.20 added

Ongoing Meetings between Council and DoP staff  to discuss drafting and policy matters relating to draft LEP

22/10/07, 12& 13/12/07, 6/5/08, 1/7/08, 5/8/08, 11/9/08, 6/11/08

Predominantly justification of local provisions, clauses from current LEP/SREP not permitted as direct insertions into draft LEP due to rules around standard instrument. The other significant  issue being the DoP’s objection to downzoning in RDS centres, which was not resolved until Nov 2008.

Integration of City Centre LEP with LEP 2008:

- Sept 2008 DoP advice that Council should integrate City Centre LEP with draft Parramatta LEP 2008 prior to exhibition.

- Council letter to DoP 12 September asking for reconsideration.

- Meeting with DoP 6/11/08 DoP advice that City Centre plan consolidation with LEP 2008 will not be required prior to exhibition of draft LEP.

Uncertainty about time frame for integration until recent clarification by DoP, potential for significant delay to draft LEP 2008 if integration required prior to exhibition.

October 2008 –Council letter to DoP seeking pre- s64 submission meeting for draft LEP 2008.  Draft LEP and maps attached in electronic format.

 November 2008 – s 64 pre submission meeting with DoP and

Confirmation of matters required to be addressed by Council.

New issues raised:

Structure of land use table –list prohibited land uses such that if not prohibited, become permissible with consent to allow innominate land uses.

Other matters to be addressed –several local clauses still of potential concern to DoP. Application of business zones especially B4 to be closely looked at especially in relation to City Centre LEP consolidation.