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Letter re parking illegally on nature strip 080508




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To the Resident







In December 1999 a new set of rules to govern Traffic Laws was introduced across Australia.  This legislation, the Australian Road Rules 1999 was developed to provide consistency relating to vehicle parking in each state and territory.


One of the new parking regulations introduced at this time was that it is now an offence to stop or park a vehicle on a nature strip or footpath.  The penalty amount for this offence is at present $79.00.


Authorised Officers of Council are responsible to administer the provisions of the Australian Road Rules 1999 and any vehicle observed to be illegally parked may result in a penalty notice to be issued.


To assist Council Officers in ensuring compliance with the current regulations please do not park on nature strips or footpaths. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Yours sincerely, 






Rodney Sutcliffe

Service Manager, Ranger Services