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Council Minute - Additional Dog Leash Free Areas



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Ordinary Council


TO: Supervisor Open Space (James Smallhorn)





Additional Dog Leash Free Areas

Target Date:



James for appropriate action please.


RESOLVED      (Finn/Esber)

(a)       That Council adopt the four additional dog leash free sites identified in this report for the purpose of public exhibition.

(b)       That if no objections are received during the public exhibition period, to any of the proposed dog leash free areas, then the sites be designated as a leash free area and signposted appropriately.

(c)       That staff examine options for additional dog leash free areas in Harris Park, North Granville and South Parramatta and also enter into discussions with Parramatta Park with a view to obtaining at least a once a week arrangement in the Park.

(d)       That at each dog leash free location, the following be installed:-

 1         At least 3 bins for placement of dog faeces;

2          Ordinance signs including advice that savage dogs should not be unleashed;

3          Plastic bags for collection of dog faeces.

(e)       That if objections are received during the public exhibition period a further report regarding that site be presented to Council for consideration.

(f)        That a report be provided which explores the options of self composting disposal units for dog faeces and the sandy dog urinal.

(g)       That any instance where a particular breed of dog has been declared dangerous by any authority be exempted from this policy.

(h)       Further, that Council officers investigate the best method to raise awareness of owners to not permit dogs to roam free when not in dog leash free areas.



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