MINUTES OF THE Meeting of Parramatta City Council HELD IN THE Council Chambers, CIVIC PLACE, PARRAMATTA ON Monday,  25 August 2008 AT 6:51 pm




The Lord Mayor, Councillor P B Barber in the Chair and Councillors A A Brown, J Chedid (retired 10.03 pm) , P Esber (Deputy Lord Mayor – retired 8.42 pm), J D Finn, P J Garrard, A Issa, OAM (retired 7.57 pm), O Jamal, M K Walsh, L E Wearne, A A Wilson and C E Worthington.





The Lord Mayor, Councillor P B Barber acknowledged the Barramatugal Clan of The Darug, the traditional land owners of Parramatta and paid respect to the elders both past and present.






SUBJECT          Minutes of the Regulatory Council Meeting held on 11 August 2008


RESOLVED      (Esber/Worthington)

That the minutes be taken as read and be accepted as a true record of the Meeting.








10133        RESOLVED                (Esber/Wearne)


That an apology be received and accepted for the absence of Councillor B W Prudames and it was noted that Councillor D L Borger may arrive later in the evening.






There were no declarations of interest at this Ordinary Council Meeting.







SUBJECT          Memory of John Field

REFERENCE    F2006/00643

FROM                 The Lord Mayor, Councillor P B Barber




RESOLVED      (Barber/Esber)


(a)          That Council honour the memory of John Field who died last Sunday, 17 August 2008 at the age of 53.

(b)          Further, that the condolences of Council and the sadness felt by staff be communicated to the Field family.






SUBJECT          NSW State Government to Commit $5 million to proposed Art Gallery for Civic Place

REFERENCE    F2005/02012

FROM                 The Lord Mayor, Councillor P B Barber




RESOLVED      (Barber/Esber)


That Council acknowledge and thank the support of the State Government.








SUBJECT          171-187 Parramatta Road, Granville

REFERENCE    DA/1071/2005

FROM                 Mr Barry Benson
















































By Mr Barry Benson:-


“On the 14th, 15th, and 16th May 2008 a Land and Environment Court Hearing was conducted in regard to a Development Application for 171 – 187 Parramatta Road, Granville during which a Court Appointed “Air Scientist” presented a report in relation to the potential effects of air pollutants on the proposed development.


No physical air quality measurement were taken and the report was modelled using out-dated data from a defunct EPA Monitoring site, out-dated RTA statistics, using out-dated technology and for PM10 and not PM2.5 as clearly stated in written objection.


That report clearly shows that occupants of units built at 2 metre setback from main roads as in mixed use zoning are clearly at risk from the effects of motor vehicle exhaust pollution.


The witness a member of the National Environment Protection Council that set PM2.5 levels as 23ug/m3 hourly and 10ug/m3 annually would have been well aware of the different measuring requirements for PM2.5 and PM10. Not only did he fail to address the issue of PM2.5 but failed to take into account the numerous diesel locomotives and coal trains passing the site.


As the authority responsible for the local environment: and local air quality:-


Question     1       What action does Council intend to now take in relation to these issues to protect members of the community from the adverse effects of Exhaust emissions of occupants of homes on main roads within this Local Government Area?


Question     2       If Council has evidence to the contrary would they now produce that evidence?


Question     3       What was the total costs incurred by Council in conducting the defence of their refusal of the Application, the individual cost for each witness called and were those costs shared costs with the applicant or borne solely by Council?”




By The Lord Mayor, Councillor P B Barber:-


“Thank you. Answers will be arranged to your questions





Rescission Motions



SUBJECT          Adshel Street Furniture Contract - Advertising Panels

REFERENCE    F2004/08023 - D01000062

REPORT OF      Project Manager. Also Manager City Assets and Environment Memorandum dated 14 August 2008.












MOTION             (Wilson/Issa)

That the resolution of the Council Meeting held on 28 July 2008 regarding the Adshel Street Furniture Contract – Advertising Panels, namely:-


That Council trial with Adshel the use of up to ten advertising panels to promote the arts program and other Council activities.


be and is hereby rescinded.


The motion was put and lost.










10138        RESOLVED       (Esber/Brown)


That Item 13.2 of Community Care be adopted without discussion in accordance with the staff recommendation.



City Development




SUBJECT          Joint Epping Town Centre Study

REFERENCE    F2008/00404 - D01005317

REPORT OF      Place Manager


RESOLVED       (Esber/Wearne)


(a)     That the update on the joint planning work for the Epping Town Centre Study be received and noted.

(b)     That Council continue to participate in the joint planning work for the centre.

(c)     Further, that Mr Marcelo Occhiuzzi and his team, particularly Ms Sue Cram and Ms Sue Stewart, be thanked for their efforts in relation to this matter.


NOTE:        Councillor  A Issa, OAM retired from the meeting at 7.57 pm during consideration of this matter.





SUBJECT          Pest Species Control - Indian Mynah birds

REFERENCE    F2006/00863 - D00963328

REPORT OF      Supervisor Natural Resources


RESOLVED       (Garrard/Walsh)


(a)     That Council receive and note the report of the Supervisor Natural Resources regarding a potential feral pest control program for Indian Mynah birds and note that Council’s Natural Resource Officer is a representative on the Urban Feral Animal Action Group who are investigating a regional program for the control of the Indian Mynah bird.

(b)     That a further report be provided when the working party for the control of Indian Mynah birds report their findings to the Urban Feral Animal Action Group.

(c)     That this matter be referred to the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils for consideration and to pursue this issue on a regional basis.

(d)     Further, that the Supervisor Natural Resources be requested to devise a program to educate the community in the planting of shrubbery that will provide protection for smaller bird species.


NOTE:        Councillor P Esber left the meeting at 8.00 pm during consideration of this matter.


Roads Paths Access and Flood Mitigation



SUBJECT          Parramatta Traffic Committee

REFERENCE    F2004/06921 - D01007612

REPORT OF      Manager Traffic and Transport


RESOLVED       (Walsh/Garrard)


(a)      That Council adopt the Report of the Parramatta Traffic Committee held on 11 August 2008 with the exception of items 1 and 2.

(b)      That in relation to Item 1 regarding O’Connell Street, - Removal of Median Island, the decision of the Parramatta Traffic Committee be adopted.

(c)       Further, that in relation to Item 2 regarding Oxford Street, Guildford - Concrete Median Island Outside Proposed Aldi Supermarket, consideration of this matter be deferred back to the Parramatta Traffic Committee pending a comprehensive report addressing the following issues:-

1       Information needed in terms of the traffic count for Oxford Street and Woodville Road;

2       Comment on the ability to access the plan as agreed to by the Parramatta Traffic Committee.

3       Information on how vehicles will enter the site from west and north of area.


NOTE:       Councillor P Esber returned to the meeting at 8.08 pm during consideration of this matter.






SUBJECT          Traffic Engineering Advisory Group meeting held on 11 August 2008.

REFERENCE    F2004/06921 - D01007637

REPORT OF      Manager Traffic and Transport


RESOLVED       (Finn/Esber)


(a)       That Council adopt the Report of the Traffic Engineering Advisory Group meeting held on 11 August 2008 with the exception of Items 3 and 4.

(b)       That in relation to Item 3 – Briens Road, Northmead – Request for Speed Camera, the Lord Mayor  urgently write to the Roads and Traffic Authority thanking the Authority for relocating the speed reduction sign from the east of Church Street but also requesting that a speed camera be installed as soon as possible at the subject location, noting that police find it hard to monitor speed at this location due to site constraints.

(c)        Further, that Item 4 – William Street, Granville – B Double Route Access from Woodville Road be considered in conjunction with Item 1 of Notices of Motion (Minute No. 10150 refers).


NOTE:        Councillor J Chedid left the meeting at 8.26 pm during consideration of this matter.




Culture and Leisure



SUBJECT          Draft Bike Plan 2008

REFERENCE    F2007/00667 - D00993526

REPORT OF      Service Manager Open Space and Natural Resources


RESOLVED       (Worthington/Wilson)


(a)       That Council receive and note Service Manager Open Space & Natural Resource’s report on the draft Bike Plan 2008 and approve it for public exhibition.

(b)      That prior to the exhibition and final report to Council, the numbers pertaining to the name of the road or route as contained in appendix 3, be placed on all exhibition maps which must be enlarged so as they are legible and accurate, in accordance with a prior resolution of Council, which relates to specific briefs being supplied to all consultants, when expressions of interest are being sought by Council relating to consultants’ reports.

(c)        That following the compilation of all comments from the public exhibition, a special meeting of the Cycleways Committee be held to discuss the comments resulting from the exhibition, prior to a final report being prepared for Council’s consideration and determination.

(d)      That all maps be colour-coded with distinctly contrasting colours showing both Current routes and Proposed Routes each depicting:-

           1      Off Road Facilities

2       On Road Facilities including Regional Routes, Local Routes and Mixed traffic Streets.

(e)       That dialogue be immediately entered into with all neighbouring councils regarding proposed interlinkages and potential interlinkages of bicycle routes, and results of these discussions be included in the final report to Council.

(f)         That copies of the Draft Exhibition Document be forwarded to all State and Federal MPs whose electorates fall within the LGA of Parramatta, seeking their feedback, and in future, they be forwarded all agendas and minutes of the Cycleways Committee meetings and invited to send a representative, if they so desire.

(g)       Further, that the Council’s thanks be forwarded to the Cycleways Committee and particularly Megan Kessler and Pam Kendrick.


NOTE:       1       Councillor P J Garrard left the meeting at 8.39 pm during consideration of this matter.


                    2       Councillor J Chedid returned to the meeting at 8.40 pm during consideration of this matter.








In accordance with Council's decision of 23 October 2000 (Minute No 5712) the meeting adjourned at 8.42 pm for a period of 21 minutes.






The meeting resumed in the Council Chamber at 9.03 pm, there being in attendance The Lord Mayor, Councillor P B Barber and Councillors, A A Brown, J Chedid, J D Finn, P J Garrard, O Jamal, M K Walsh, L E Wearne, A A Wilson and C E Worthington.




Community Care



SUBJECT          Strategic Partnership between Parramatta City Council and Sydney West Area Health Service - Update.

REFERENCE    F2004/10350 - D01002872

REPORT OF      Manager - Social Outcomes


RESOLVED       (Wearne/Jamal)


(a)       That Council note the work and value of the ongoing partnership between SWAHS and PCC in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by both partners in November 2006 (Attachment 1).

(b)      Further, that a report be submitted to the Council Meeting to be held on 8 September 2008 in relation to part 9 of the Memorandum of Understanding (Scope of the work) together with a timeline for the expected achievement of all milestones as approved at the initial meeting of the Strategic Partnership Steering Committee, and further advice on the status of the Health Data Sharing Project.





SUBJECT          Children's Services Utilisation Report

REFERENCE    F2008/02870 - D01005293

REPORT OF      Service Manager Children and Family Services




That Council receives and notes the strategies and increased utilisation in the childcare centres to date.


NOTE:    This matter was adopted under Minute No 10138 - Development Applications Adopted Without Discussion.



City Leadership and Management



SUBJECT          2008 Local Government Election

REFERENCE    F2005/00458 - D00993163

REPORT OF      Team Leader Council Support


RESOLVED       (Finn/Wearne)


(a)       That the meeting dates for Council Meetings to be held following the 2008 Local Government Election be adopted as follows:-


   Monday 8 September 2008 (All Program Panels including Regulatory)

      Note – Council Elections - 13 September 2008

   Monday 29 September 2008 (Special Council Meeting – Election of Lord Mayor and nomination of Councillors to various external and appropriate Organisations/Boards/Committees).

   Tuesday 7 October 2008 (Regulatory) (Note: 6 October is Labour Day)

   Monday 20 October 2008 (Other Program Panels).

   Monday 10 November 2008 (Regulatory)

   Monday 24 November 2008 (Other Program Panels)

   Monday 8 December 2008 (Regulatory)

   Monday 15 December 2008 (Other Program Panels).

(b)      That Council notify the returning officer that Council is concerned that not enough ballot papers have been allocated at the Parramatta Town Hall for Arthur Phillip Ward voters.

(c)        Further, that comment be sought from the relevant officer on the effect of the election on the markets which will be running at the same time.





SUBJECT          Delegation of Authority to the Lord Mayor and Chief Executive Officer from 9 September to 6 October 2008

REFERENCE    F2005/00458 - D01004303

REPORT OF      Team Leader Council Support


RESOLVED       (Brown/Jamal)


That the Lord Mayor and Chief Executive Officer be delegated authority under Section 377 of the Local Government Act, 1993, for the period 9 September 2008 until 6 October 2008 to deal with urgent business of Council including the determination of development applications subject to the Agenda and Minutes for all of the business dealt with under delegation during this period being reported to the Council Meeting to be held on 7 October 2008.






SUBJECT          Investments Report for June 2008

REFERENCE    F2008/01474 - D00999380

REPORT OF      Manager - Finance


RESOLVED       (Garrard/Brown)


That Council receive and note the investments report for June 2008.






SUBJECT          2007/08 Management Plan - June Quarterly Review

REFERENCE    F2008/01492 - D01005645

REPORT OF      Manager - Finance


RESOLVED       (Finn/Brown)


(a)     That Council adopt the Chief Executive Officer’s June 2008           Quarterly Review of the 2007/08 Management Plan and Budget.           (Attachment 1 to Manager Finance Report).

(b)     That Council note and approve the actual results and variations to           the previously adopted budget estimates for the 2007/08 financial           year as detailed in Attachment 1 to Manager Finance Report.

(c)     That Council approve the revote of funds totalling $10,549,917 into           2008/09 for the Projects and Services as detailed in Attachment 1           to Manager Finance Report.

(d)     That Council adopt the Responsible Accounting Officer’s report on           the financial position of the Council.

(e)     That in adopting (d) above, Council refer its dissatisfaction of                   moving block black out of street lighting to WSROC. It be noted           that street lighting is not metered and thereby does not allow for           accountability of product used and paid for and accordingly,           WSROC be requested to address this issue on a regional basis.

(f)      Further, that Council be provided with the vote contained in the           management plan in 07/08 as against year to date vote in regard   to Riverside Theatres, advertising, labour hire, council fleet and          legal fees.






SUBJECT          Program Panels.

REFERENCE    F2004/06950 - D01002645

REPORT OF      Manager Strategic Partnerships and Programs


RESOLVED      (Walsh/Brown)

That the program panel meeting notes from 16 June and 21 July 2008 be noted.



Notices of Motion



SUBJECT          B-Double Vehicles

REFERENCE    F2004/06921 - D01007230

FROM                 Councillor M W Walsh


RESOLVED       (Walsh/Jamal)


(a)      That Item 4 of 11.2 regarding the Traffic Engineering Advisory Group be considered in conjunction with this matter and the information provided under that item be noted.

(b)      That B-Double vehicles be access prohibited within the following boundaries of the area: North of Rawson Road, South Granville and Guildford, North of Wellington Road South Granville, West of Duck River, South of Parramatta Road Granville and East of Woodville Road Granville, Merrylands & Guildford. The area South of Rawson Road between Rawson Road & the pipeline boundary (including Campbell Hill Road Guildford) & East of Ferndell Street, Boundary & Hector Sts Chester Hill will also be included. This policy therefore excepts Rawson Road, Wellington Road, Ferndell Street and the depot entrance in Boundary Street. Access across the Boundary Street bridge is prohibited. B Doubles are also access prohibited in the Parramatta Local Government area West of Woodville Road and bounded by the Southern railway line. This prohibition includes Oxford Street Guildford. Woodville Road is thereby excepted

(c)        That this is to be adopted as the policy of the Parramatta City Council and is to be included in the policy register of the Council.

(d)       Further, that RTA and all members of the Local Traffic Committee and the Traffic Engineering Group are to be advised of this policy. The Rosehill Police area commander and the Granville Police Station also be advised.







10151        RESOLVED       (Worthington/Garrard)


That Standing Orders be suspended to enable consideration of an urgent motion pertaining to the dangerous spikes on the railing adjacent to the Parramatta Town Hall.


                   The Lord Mayor ruled that the motion was one of urgency.





SUBJECT          Dangerous Spikes on the railing adjacent to the Parramatta Town Hall.

REFERENCE    F2004/08018

FROM                 Councillor C E Worthington


RESOLVED      (Worthington/Finn)

That the CEO arrange for the pyramid shaped caps on top of the iron posts supporting the railings outside the Parramatta Town Hall which pose a risk to the public and Council employees, to be removed, beginning Tuesday 26th August, and the following additional works also be carried out in accordance with the recommendation of the specialist Risk Management Consultant viz:-

1      Replacement of the centre step with a step identical with the bottom step.

2      All Step Noses to be fitted with a suitable anti-slip treatment.







10153        RESOLVED       (Walsh/Finn)


That Standing Orders continue to be suspended to enable consideration of an urgent motion relating to the proposed V8 motor racing at Olympic Park.


The Lord Mayor ruled that the matter was one of urgency.





SUBJECT          Opposition to Holding of V8 Supercar Races at Sydney Olympic Park

REFERENCE    F2006/00550

FROM                 Councillor M K Walsh


RESOLVED       (Walsh/Wearne)

(a)           That Council opposes the holding of V8 Supercar Races at Sydney Olympic Park on the following grounds:

1      It would be detrimental to the environment, requiring the removal of hundreds of trees;

2      It would generate unacceptable levels of noise;

3      It would virtually shut down normal activities in the area for 3 days with possible further disruptions to movement of residents for up to 6 weeks.

4      It would adversely impact the amenity for the significant residential community in the surrounding area as well as the proposed future residential population in the urban core.

5      The holding of the V8 Supercar race in the Sydney Olympic Park is the antithesis of the environmentally friendly and sustainable built environment of the Park.

6      Dept of Planning and the State Government support a clean green environment – Supercar racing by its nature is dependent on the finite resource of oil and the major emitting of greenhouse gases.

7      Woodville, Elizabeth Macarthur, Lachlan Macquarie and Arthur Phillip Wards of Parramatta City Council are already bombasted with the noise of the Granville Showground Speedway, to have additional noise generated above acceptable levels is intolerable & an impost on residents quality of life. Residents already need to leave home on nights that the speedway is running.

8      Monitoring of noise is self regulatory. Otherwise it is another cost shifting exercise to Councils.

9      The costs out way the short term profit of this exercise which is contrary to the public interest.

(b)     That Auburn and Ryde Councils be advised of this decision and           any future response/action on this issue be coordinated between   the 3 councils.

(c)     Further, that the Premier of NSW, the Minister for Sport and the Minister for Planning be advised of this decision of Council.


NOTE:     Councillor J Chedid retired from the meeting at 10.03 pm during consideration of this matter.









10155        RESOLVED       (Wearne/Brown)


That Standing Orders be resumed.







RESOLVED       (Wilson/Wearne)


Members of the press and public be excluded from the meeting of the Closed Session and access to the correspondence and reports relating to the item considered during the course of the Closed Session be withheld. This action is taken in accordance with Section 10A(s) of the Local Government Act, 1993 as the item listed come within the following provisions:-



1       21B Barangaroo Road Toongabbie - Proposed Disposal. (D01006939) - This report is confidential in accordance with section 10A (2) (d) of the Local Government act 1993 as the report contains commercial information of a confidential nature that would, if disclosed (i) prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied it; or (ii) confer a commercial advantage on a competitor of the Council; or (iii) reveal a trade secret.








That the decisions of Closed Session be noted as follows:-






SUBJECT          21B Barangaroo Road Toongabbie - Proposed Disposal

REFERENCE    F2008/01316 - D01006939

REPORT OF      Property Program Manager


RESOLVED       (Garrard/Jamal)


(a)     That Council sell 21B Barangaroo Road Toongabbie (Lot 103 DP 1086368) at a price as recommended in the report on 28 July 2008.

(b)     That the Manager Strategic Asset Management be delegated to attend the auction and sign the Contract for Sale for the subject property by auction for exchange and should the sale be successful

(c)     Further, that the Lord Mayor and the Chief Executive Officer be authorised to execute under seal the Contract for Sale and Transfer documents relating to sale.









SUBJECT          Artwork Installation in Church Street, Parramatta

REFERENCE    F2004/08538

FROM                 Councillor A A Brown


Councillor Brown advised that the flock artwork in Church Street, Parramatta had previously been turned off due to concerns over the effects by the artwork’s lasers on aircraft.


Councillor Brown sought advice as to whether this problem had now been resolved and whether the artwork could now be turned back on.






SUBJECT          Pothole - 141 Pennant Parade, Epping

REFERENCE    F2005/01969

FROM                 Councillor L E Wearne


Councillor Wearne requested that the large pothole located outside 141 Pennant Parade, Epping (near the boundary of Hornsby Council) receive attention as soon as possible.





SUBJECT          Replacement Flows Project

REFERENCE    F2005/00186

FROM                 Councillor M K Walsh


Councillor Walsh advised that Councillors had received a letter from Sydney Water regarding a replacement flows project involving water recycling in the northern parts of Parramatta.


Councillor Walsh requested that the intention of this project be provided to Councillors in clear language, including a definition of replacement flows.




The meeting terminated at 10.17 pm.








Lord Mayor