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Previous Report from the Council Meeting on 28 July 2008 regarding the Adshel Street Furniture Contract - Advertising Panels



ITEM NUMBER         11.1

SUBJECT                   Adshel Street Furniture Contract - Advertising Panels

REFERENCE            F2004/08023 - D00972239

REPORT OF              Project Manager        




To respond to Council’s Resolution of 10 June 2008 regarding the use of 2.5% of Adshel advertising panels for use by Council as part of the Adshel Street Furniture Contract.





That Council trial with Adshel the use of up to ten advertising panels to promote the arts program and other Council activities.





1.      Council resolved on 10 June 2008 the following:

“(a) That Parramatta City Council prepare a report to examine if it is practical to use the 2.5% of Adshel advertising contractually dedicated to Council for the benefit of Council’s arts program.

(b)  Further, that this be liaised between sections to see if this proposal can be harmonised with current negotiations over refurbishment of the Adshel equipment.”

2.      Under the Adshel Street Furniture Contract, Council or other public or community service organisations are entitled to free space for advertising, up to 2.5% of advertising panels.  This equates to having free advertising on up to ten shelter panels at any time.  Adshel have advised that they can provide free media space on ten advertising panels with Council paying for installation and production costs. The only limiting factors are the cost to Council of preparing the individual poster panels and installation, and if any particular advertising panel(s) have already been sold by Adshel.

3.      It has been suggested by Adshel, to keep costs to a minimum, that say 25 posters be made for Council (being five copies each of the one poster) of a generic nature for reuse.  An indicative cost is about $3,000 to set up and these could be displayed on a regular basis.  Poster production for one off events could still be arranged with the only costs being for the production of the posters and the installation.  An indicative figure per event is about $1,000 for five posters, made and installed.

4.      Council has in the past used this free space advertising under the Contract.  To be able to manage the use of these panels more effectively it is proposed to trial an arrangement whereby four panels are centralised with the Marketing and Communications Unit; two panels permanently for use by the Artist Studio and two for the Riverside Theatres.  These could be managed by each area using generic or single event posters.  Any other area within Council who wishes to use these panels for advertising an event would contact the Marketing and Communications Unit to manage the allocation.  The costs would be then borne by the individual area or project.




5.      Consultation has occurred within Council and all potential users have agreed with the trial arrangement.




Rod Cook

Project Manager



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